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The Donald Moves Closer to Blowing Up the GOP

When Donald Trump loses the presidential election next month—-and at this point that is the most likely outcome—he can look in the mirror to find the biggest reason why he lost and why he pulled down the Grand Old Party, the Republicans, with him. The possibility is now good that a Hillary Clinton landslide could…

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The Poisonous Clowns Battle It Out: What’s worse?

Someone who would wreck the economy or someone who would wreck the rule of law? Those who yearn for a gutter fight, those who bay for blood and the return of the Roman gladiators, for ultimate fighting in the political ring, weren’t disappointed by the second presidential debate. It pitted the ever smiling Democrat Hillary…

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Trump Trumped: There’s little mystery about the impending Donald disaster

If Trump loses to Hillary Clinton in the presidential election next month the reason will be obviously based on his inane campaigning: Like him or not, he has demonstrated, again and again on the hustings, one painful fact: With all his celebrated business successes, some of which were the result of crony capitalism that started…

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Presidential Health Lies: It’s happened before; is it happening again?

Leading presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently didn’t tell an adoring mainstream media that she was sick—very sick—until she had to sit down at an event because she was dehydrated. Clinton, a senior citizen in her 60s, recently had to leave the campaign because she was suffering from pneumonia, even though she had unilaterally decided that…

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Sorry, Teacher. My Dog Ate My Homework: More wacky excuses in an already ridiculous American presidential race, long on farces and short on answers

When we were kids and we didn’t do something we should have done, many of us would come up with lame excuses for our parents and others. If you didn’t do your homework, you’d tell your teacher that your dog ate the homework. (That was one of my favorites, even though we never had a…

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Where’s Hillary? Backing your way into the presidency

Leading presidential candidate Hillary Clinton apparently doesn’t like holding press conferences. They’re too messy. They’re too unpredictable. This is what she seems to believe. The give and take of open ended questions of the press conference from all sorts of different news organizations could embarrass her—especially if someone asks direct questions about her foundation, her…

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