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The Social Security Scam, Part III: How to Disengage from a Program and a Welfare State Philosophy that Are Failing

One of the principles of a free society is that people are governed with a minimum of state coercion. When in doubt, liberty should always be the default option. The goal of most social policy should be to leave people alone because each individual knows his or her needs better than any government official. And,…

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Often It Is not the Best Retirement Saving Tool. Yet, like it or not, you must buy Social Security coverage.

Mandatory Social Security, America’s foundation welfare state program, became law in 1935. Over some 80 years it has become more than a retirement program—-it has become an article of faith in our ever expanding welfare state. Millions of Americans depend on it as a primary retirement income source. And, unfortunately in some cases, some rely…

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Don’t Vote for Him! Potential presidential candidate advocates allowing the government to steal money from you.

News Item: Republican Chris Christie—expected to run for president and citing the financial problems of the Social Security system—advocates “means testing” Social Security. What does it mean and how would Christie’s proposal work? Those defined as “well off” would receive nothing even though they “contributed” tens of thousands of dollars into Social Security over decades…

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