Monthly Archives: March 2015

Leave Us Alone! An open letter to our pushy political elites, both left and right

News Item: President Obama says people who don’t vote should be fined. Isn’t it enough that advanced welfare/warfare governments tax and spend recklessly? Isn’t it enough that more and more they snoop into our lives, engage in endless social engineering and wage superfluous, ill-moral, wars? Apparently, for many of our pols, it is not. Governments…

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Book Review: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid of Your 401(k) Plan: Academic Condemns Defined Contribution System

Title: Social Insecurity Subtitle: 401(k)s and the Retirement Crisis By James W. Russell (Beacon Press, Boston, $26.95). You have a 401(k) plan at work that you’re using to save for retirement. Forget it. You’re on a Fool’s Errand. Don’t even try to use it. There’s no hope for you to fund your retirement plan. That…

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You’re Young and Just One Unexpected Expense from Disaster

Build up a cash reserve emergency fund as soon as possible because you could need it tomorrow. That’s the message of a new study that said that many twenty somethings are just one charge away from disaster. The study found that an unexpected expense of just $500 can upend the life of a millennial,…

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