Monthly Archives: May 2014

Think Twice—Young Man, Young Lady—Before Choosing a Career

Yes, your average young person loves a job and he or she is good at it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will produce a good living. These are among the findings of a new entry level jobs survey that tracks the most and least promising careers. For instance, knowing about taxes and the…

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What’s Wrong with Baseball Today?

Major league baseball players earn more, much more, than their predecessors could have imagined in their wildest dreams. One would think that today players would count their blessings, be delighted and the game would greatly benefit from the increased earnings. One would be wrong. Indeed, the quality of play, the attention to baseball fundamentals—such as…

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Financial Illiteracy: The “Greatest Threat” Facing Our Country

It is one of the disgraces of our pricey American state education, which no more provides value than New York City government provides low taxes. Over 12 years of elementary and high school, young people are taught about safe sex, driving and other subjects, but almost nothing about money management. Financial literacy is a vital,…

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