Monthly Archives: March 2014

A MoneySense Great Dies

He was a remarkable money management guru. Mutual fund giant James E. Stowers recently died at the age of 90. His life and work were in the traditions of Sir John Templeton, John Bogle and Warren Buffett. Starting with very little, he used common sense, discipline and basic money management techniques to build a successful…

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Why People Leave New York and Other Taxing Climes

Some countries, some states, and some cities are enjoying big growth rates and some aren’t. Why? In part, it’s because some politicians are unaware or maybe don’t care about the damage their taxes, work rules and the standard of education——how prepared the average young person is to work after 12 or 16 years or more…

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You’re Coming Up on the Magic 59—- Don’t Botch It

You can give yourself a better chance of increasing your retirement savings even though you may think it’s time to stop saving and start spending. Let’s say you’re coming up on the magic age of 59.5. Why is this a magic age? It is an age, under most qualified retirement plans in the United States,…

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