The recent elections have left the United States in a kind of political twilight zone, even though most people believe that a new president has been elected.

Yes, it appears that former vice president Joe Biden narrowly defeated President Donald Trump. But Biden and his fellow Democrats didn’t win a mandate to remake the United States into a socialist republic that empowers Black Lives Matter, Antifa and trashes America’s some 250 years of democratic capitalism.

What about Those Votes?

Biden’s victory comes with limitations and with doubts about the election process. There was undeniably some political skullduggery; some votes were not properly counted. Were there enough questionable votes to change the outcome? Probably not. Indeed, several courts have rejected Trump campaign petitions to throw out or recount the votes. One of those judges, who was in Pennsylvania, was a Trump appointee, demonstrating how important is the independence of courts in a free society.

The disputed votes happened in part because there was a huge amount of mail in voting; a much higher percentage than ever before. This type of voting took place in greater numbers because many Americans were too frightened to vote in person owing to the Coronavirus.

States with Problems

However, it is clear that some states weren’t ready to cope with these very different kinds of votes. Ballot harvesting took place in some areas. This is a dicey practice that allowed some people to collect hundreds and sometimes thousands of votes.

Critics wondering how anyone knows if each one of these votes was legitimate. In many cases the answer was we don’t know.

Some states strangely stopped counting as though their attitude was “what’s the rush?” And they started re-started counting votes hours or days after the November 3 voting. In every case of this voter slowdown, it seemed that Trump was considerably ahead, then, we when large numbers of new votes later came after election night, the huge numbers were almost all cast for Biden. The voting process in some states seemed to have two speeds: slow and slower.

However, although it’s just about settled—and I think Trump lost and Biden seems elected—it is still critical that rigged votes be identified. If not, then people will lose faith in the electoral system, a system that has had some historic flaws.

There have been stolen elections in U.S. history. LBJ stole a Senate seat in 1948. He had one stolen from him in 1941. And quite possibly the mob and Chicago mayor Richard Daley helped John Kennedy win in 1960. To think there are no stolen votes, that our system is perfectly fair, is illogical.

Reforms must be made: No more ballot harvesting. Vote counting can’t go on more than 48 hours after the election. Otherwise, you would get a repeat of what I read about Chicago’s Daley machine.

Daley and his minions would wait until the downstate Springfield votes came in—the rural part of Illinois–and hold back the Chicago votes until he knew how big was the Republican majority that was needed to win the state. I believe things like this continue to go on in some big cities and possibly other places.

I remember, in the first days after this election, with everyone focused on a place like Nevada seemingly up for grabs, when Nevada officials suddenly announced they’d stop counting for a while.


That sounds shady. Were they too tired to keep counting? This kind of thing has to stop, but probably won’t. People selling conspiracy theories will be doing a good business. We need a clean system. 

And, in some states, they are still counting the votes in some Congressional races weeks after the election was over. This we’re still counting the votes seemingly for forever makes some people anxious. It is a change from my experience of voting, which began in 1971.

The days of knowing who won on election night in America seem gone. And that bothers some people who think that counting and re-counting over a period of days or even weeks indicates something shady is going on.

Biden in Hiding

Legal challenges to these kinds of voting practices have been going but failing on in some of the states that the reclusive Biden carried. By the way, Biden, mainly campaigned by not campaigning. He generally stayed in a well-appointed basement in the biggest house in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden has five houses. That raises a red flag for some since Biden has spent most of his career in the Senate.

Senators make good money—about $150,000 year—but by no means do they make great money. Biden has little in private resources. He was educated as a lawyer, But he, despite public bragging, was anything but outstanding as a student. He developed no extensive private law practice so naturally many wonder where all his wealth originated. He is now presumably the president elect, but little has changed. Biden continues to say little publicly, rarely taking questions from anyone except from a kindly mainstream media reporter, who often seems under orders not to ask any tough questions or maybe ask him what is his favorite kind of milkshake. Barring some last-minute court rulings, the presidential election seems to be over.

But America is still in a political twilight zone: We will discuss that in our next segment.


Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger

Gregory Bresiger is an independent financial journalist from Queens, New York. His articles have appeared in publications such as Financial Planner Magazine and The New York Post.