Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party presidential nominee has some of the highest negative ratings since polling began. That is except for Donald Trump, the Republican party presidential party nominee. His negative numbers are even higher.

A No Vote of Confidence

Tens of millions of Americans dislike one or both of these candidates. I hold my nose at the thought of either one of them doing business from 1,600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Yet one of them, in the rigged two party tyranny we live under here in these formerly free states, will almost surely be the next president. But wait a minute, say those who agree with me and want neither to win, we can vote for third parties.

Yes, but that’s not nearly good enough for the voters to show what they actually feel about these two. That’s because the political system has been gammed in favor of the Democrats and Republicans for generations.

And these are groups that philosophically have more in common they would care to admit (They both are addicted to bigger and bigger government that takes more and more). This flawed system also plunges us into more and more useless wars and near war situations. In effect, both parties subscribe to world saving; to globalism; to the U.S. as the cop on the beat foreign policy. This is what Senator Robert Taft once called “globaloney”).

“I Hate Her….Him”

However, though some Democrats and Republicans still can genuinely hate each other as these two egos are running amuck prove in this year’s elections. Clinton and Trump are two birds who represent the worst of the United States and yet they’re the main choices. O tempora! O mores!

But since the two parties want to keep up the fiction that they have divergent philosophies and that these elections are not actually what they seem to be—the clash of two power-hungry personalities who will say or do anything to grab the brass ring. So they go on with these pathetic campaigns that are often a sick joke perpetrated on the American people.

The election laws and elections boards stack the deck against new and third parties.


The former are usually run and administered by Democrats and Republicans with third party hopefuls told to hit the road. And those voters who reject both major parties are branded “silly” by major media organs that are hooked up to one of the big boys.

They are joined in this electoral rigging by most of the mainstream media. Most of it dutifully tells us every four years to ignore the third parties because—-Gasp!!!!—-they are not going to win, as though truth was established now and forever by majorities.

Third Parties Not Wanted

When the major media stage their debates they will do their best to keep out all third parties. This electoral rigging was on display in 1992. That’s when third party Independent Ross Perot who, at one point in the campaign was actually ahead of president George H.W. Bush in the presidential polls, was initially kept out of the presidential debates.

That’s because he was neither a Democrat nor a Republican as though membership in a major party is a requirement for citizenship. Perot sued and got in.

Nevertheless, here was still another example of why the two major parties want no new competitors. They want to hog power for themselves forever.

But what if there was a different option? What if the voters had the right to reject the two major parties? What if voters had the ability to tell both Clinton and Trump that neither is wanted and they should forget about the voters rewarding them? Would that be a good thing?

I believe so.

Voters Motivated to Vote

I also think it would stimulate voter turnout rates, which in the United States are some of the lowest in the Western world. Why can’t we have, in every presidential election, a none of the above option?

And, if enough voters opt for none of the above, or if no candidates get more than fifty percent of the votes, then we would disqualify all of the candidates.

Hillary, Donald we don’t want you. Neither gets over 50 percent of the vote. So all candidates are disqualified and we will have another election a week hence, with new candidates.

This is the essence of the GregoryBresiger.com throw the bums out system. Each party would have backup candidates ready to go in the second round of the election, which would be necessary if no candidate receives more than 50 percent.

This kind of system, I believe, would let the major candidates know exactly what the voters thought of him or her. It would also require the two major parties to start paying attention to any minor or third parties that could obtain a significant number of votes. They might have to support courting minor parties instead of ignoring them as would the media.

To win in the second round or a third round, the Democrats or Republicans would have to start finding out why millions of people now feel left out. They would have to ask why they don’t vote for the two major parties, why most of us believe they are ruining this country with their self-serving politics.

And even some of those voting for the two major parties—but who do so reluctantly and with about as much enthusiasm as the average commuter who descends into the New York subways almost anytime—would now see they have more choices.

Voters would feel a new sense of power. The average career pol might even start to pay attention to us again because most of them, as Mencken use to say, are basically in it for the job.

Let us have a none of the above system. And then, maybe, we just might have less government, fewer wars and, perhaps best of all, fewer Clintons and Trumps.


Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger

Gregory Bresiger is an independent financial journalist from Queens, New York. His articles have appeared in publications such as Financial Planner Magazine and The New York Post.