President Biden, as detailed in the previous segment, is destroying the United States. He must be removed from office as soon as possible.

And by the way, his vice president, Kamala Harris, who has been a big part of all these disasters and is known to some as “Vice President Cackle,” should also be impeached right after Biden.

That can happen if the American people, in the coming Congressional elections, overwhelmingly voted out the president’s allies in Congress. If the Republicans win—and I am talking about far more than a bare majority; I am speaking of supermajorities in the House and the Senate—then the new Congress will be in a position to save the country from the mayhem the Biden administration has created. This can only happen if the Republicans have big enough majorities in the House and Senate to override any expected presidential vetoes; if the Republicans have more than two thirds of the votes in the Senate to succeed in an impeachment trial.

The Congress can then successfully impeach President Biden. They can send him back to Delaware. That’s where he already spends a lot of time watching television reruns of Matlock and Golden Girls instead of doing his job.

Biden’s Incompetence and Harris’

Why the extreme measure of removing a president before the next presidential election?

This Biden incompetence, combined with the corruption of his administration and his family, are destroying the country. They have led the country to intolerable inflation, the compromising of national security through an open Southern border. The latter, in which the president has violated his presidential oath “to take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” is clearly an impeachable offense. It is an impeachable offense in which the vice president is no less guilty.

Biden, in a short period, has also given the nation at least two foreign policy messes, Afghanistan and Ukraine. And more disasters are brewing under Biden including a potential Chinese takeover of Taiwan.

All of this has happened in less than a year and a half of Biden. Can the country even survive another year of this lousy leader?

The American Shipwreck

It is now less a matter of politics and more a matter of survival. The country can’t afford any more of a Biden administration. It can’t afford any more of a 79-year-old man going on 109.

“Old age,” French leader Charles de Gaulle famously said of an aging French general Philippe Petain, “is a ship wreck.” Biden is the Titanic.

Embattled Americans must face a hard truth: Unlike many elderly Americans, Joe Biden is not aging well. He can barely read the cue cards put in front of him without stumbling. He often can’t even pronounce the names of his cabinet. Biden rarely takes questions after giving a short speech. He shuffles away as reporters scream questions that are never answered (Compare this with Trump, who would never back down but stand for hours answering questions and often trading insults with reporters out for blood).

Biden frequently becomes disoriented even in familiar settings. He is in no shape to be president.

Chasing Ghosts

Biden’s breakdown goes beyond if you agree with his far left, destroy the private economy, especially the domestic oil industry, loony left administration.

It is an administration obsessed with ghosts. It ignores substantial problems; fanatically going after an almost non-existent white supremacy problem.

(Sure, there’s some of the latter, but not very much especially when you consider what white supremacy was 50 or 60 years ago in America. No major pol today campaigns as a “white supremacist” for obvious reasons. Most Americans, decent people, won’t have it. This moronic movement has been in decline for generations. Some 40 years ago, as a young radio reporter, I remember covering a cross burning on a Chemung County, New York, rural hillside. The reporters outnumbered the Klan by about 10 to one. The Klansmen were a bunch of pathetic old men. What struck me was how few there were. I had thought the Klan had a lot more poor fish followers. There wasn’t one young person among them).

By contrast with its obsession with White Supremacy, the Biden administration is unconcerned with the out-of-control murder rates in most American big cities.

Not Enforcing the Law

And many of these big cities have district attorneys who refuse to bring major charges against accused murders and those committing other major crimes. Biden never addresses that possibly because he might miss a TV Land re-run.

In New York City, which is losing frightened residents by the trainload, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg won’t prosecute most major crimes. He defends an insane system of no bail.

Biden recently visited the Rancid Apple, where lots of courageous police officers, the men and women we should revere, have been shot down. He met with the new Democratic mayor. They agreed the major issue was preventing guns from coming into the city.

Did Biden say word one about fellow Democrat Bragg?

He did not.

The Only Answer

There have been times when Americans angry with a president and unable to remove him immediately because the next presidential election was years away, have registered their anger in off year elections.

In 1994, two years into the Democratic Bill Clinton administration, many Americans, fed up with an administration perceived as going too far left, registered their disgust as Republicans swept into Congress and forced Clinton to move to the center. Clinton felt the pain. He eventually gave a speech saying “the era of big government is over.”

In 1974, Americans were angry about the Watergate scandals of Republican president Richard Nixon. So they overwhelmingly elected Democrats to Congress. Nixon, sensing what was coming and seeing impeachment on the horizon, resigned just before the election debacle. If only Biden studied history or anything besides the tube!

In 1946, Americans were angry about the shortages and price controls of the Democratic Truman administration. So in the off-year elections, running on a slogan of “Had Enough?,” they swept Democrats out of Congress and proceeded to start dictating to the president.

With his popularity dropping by the hour, it’s clear that tens of millions of Americans have “had enough” of this president.

Biden must go and then Harris. The first order of business in January, if a Republican Congress is elected this November, is to remove Biden from the presidency.

This isn’t about partisanship. The country can’t afford any less.


Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger

Gregory Bresiger is an independent financial journalist from Queens, New York. His articles have appeared in publications such as Financial Planner Magazine and The New York Post.