I’ve been voting here in New York for most of my life. It’s a lot of fun. Campaigns are like Marx Brothers movie marathons. But like Groucho’s mustache or cigar, it’s impossible not to notice something: the potential for skullduggery.

No one ever asks you for voter identification. So it could be, and probably is, easy for anyone to steal a vote. Indeed, it should be easy to steal lots of votes in the city where political chicanery never sleeps.

The Jokers in Charge of Elections

The city is a good place for vote stealing in part because our New York City Board of Elections is a joke. And that’s even conceded by our political ruling class. The Board of Elections’ failures even rivals the incompetence of the pols who oversee our sleazy subways or our putrid public schools, often referred to failure factories, as well as a host of other useless pricey city and state “services” that are horror shows.

I have been thinking about voting for a while now. That’s because recently some states, worried about fraudulent voting and the controversies surrounding the 2020 election, have been tightening voting rules. Many are requiring voters to show identification but mainstream media, along with our president and woke corporations, criticize these attempts to ensure clean elections by requiring people prove who they are.

Yet, in many states, for example Georgia, any attempt to prevent fraud by requiring photo id is considered racism. Indeed, the Georgia voter changes are what President Joe Biden, in another one of his recent bizarre cryptic comments, calls “Jim Crow on steroids.”

More Racism in the United States?

Biden and his allies in the political, corporate and mainstream media sectors say these efforts to restore confidence in the voting process are partisan and “racist.” That’s idiotic. But where our power loving pols are concerned, when they’re interested in selling a false narrative that will keep them in power, nothing is too moronic.

Most, I believe, secretly hold the average citizen in contempt. They believe they can sell them on anything; that politics is like the worst of the advertising. They can sell them on the idea that Alabama in 2021 is no different than Alabama in 1963 or that Trump was, and still is, secretly in the employ of the Russians or that any tuna you happen to see will say that “the best tuna is Chicken of the Sea.”

Return to the Rancid Apple

That brings me back to New York. We have a long history of voting problems.
For instance, recently the New York City Board of Elections announced a plan to print and mail new absentee ballots to nearly 100,000 voters. They had received erroneous envelopes in their absentee ballot packages. An unknown number of Brooklyn voters received absentee ballots with the wrong name and address printed on the return envelope.

This isn’t the first-time things like this have happened in New York as even our sad sack, lame duck, mayor concedes.

Bill Bloviates

“I don’t know how many times we’re going to see the same thing happen at the Board of Elections and be surprised,” Mayor de Blasio said at his daily briefing Tuesday. “There’s some good people there, and I know there’s some people that are trying hard, but it just is not a modern agency and it must be changed. It just structurally doesn’t work.”

No kidding mayor, but this has been happening in a city and a state with a heritage of generations of often corrupt and incompetent officials who seem intent on preserving the traditions of Boss Tweed, George Washington Plunkitt, Donald Manes, and Alan Hevesi, among many others. (We know how to do chicanery in New York. By the way, Hevesi, who was convicted on two separate felonies., continues to collect a state pension. His son serves in the state legislature. He has signed off on giving each illegal immigrant $15,000. I wonder how does one document that? Maybe my friends and I could claim we’re illegals and collect a cool $15k each).

The Big Apple Hall of Shame

Can the scions of Manes and Tweed steal my votes and others? They certainly can. Here’s how.
New York, the same as so many other states, doesn’t ask for voter identification. So, in my case, if you know where I vote, what is my address and my polling place—the kind of information one can often find in the net—you could steal my vote.

Just show up. Say you are me. Give my address. Quickly gaze down in the voting records where they routinely tell you put your John Hancock, then sign my name. And faster than you say Jack Robinson, they give you give a ballot and you have a front row seat to the Greatest Show on Earth; that wonderful political circus called the New York City elections.

And my case is by no means unique.

Who Stole My Circus Ticket?

I usually go to vote around 11 or 12. Today you could steal my vote if you go early. That’s because in some 30 years of voting, no one has ever asked me to show a piece of identification.

How do they know it’s me?

Well, they don’t.

There’s a hell of a lot of pot-bellied, white-haired Babbitts living in Bunkerland (Yours truly!).
Political scam artists please note: You could go to my polling place, claim to be Gregory Bresiger, sign my name, then you can vote.

The Frauds Never Stop Unless…

And I am not unique. The same is true of almost everyone else. Mass voter frauds could be perpetrated here and in every other state in which there is no attempt to identify who is voting and whether the vote is legitimate.

However, thankfully this let everyone in standard rarely applies in other parts of our society, or many other terrible things would have happened.

At the airport and in so many other places, the question is so often the same: “Do you have a photo id?”

Do you want clean elections in the United States? Do you want to stop arguing over whether crooks are interfering with elections?

I do.

Then, bring a photo id to the polls. It isn’t difficult.


Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger

Gregory Bresiger is an independent financial journalist from Queens, New York. His articles have appeared in publications such as Financial Planner Magazine and The New York Post.