Delta Airlines, which once employed my wife as a plane mechanic, can buzz off. Cola-Cola can forget its diabetes inducing cola products because I won’t drink any of them, even their waters.

Major League Baseball (MLB) can forget about me ever watching its joke of an All-Star game or any regular or post-season game ever again. And J.P. Morgan/Chase’s Chairman Jamie Dimon can forget giving us any more political lectures. He will never get significant assets from my household. We’ll stick to index funds and chuck his overpriced financial products.

Are You Woke?

Why should critics of these companies do everything we can to discourage friends and neighbors from patronizing them?

It’s because all of these corporations and many others are now “woke.” This is a policy of political correctness that is wrecking millions of lives. It is a kind of 21st century McCarthyism of the left. Woke corporate advocates are presuming that, because they sell lots of goods and services, that customers will follow their new found political radicalism. They assume we are sheep; that we will simply obey their radical left-wing opinions.

All of these woke companies have begun another round of lecturing us because of a new Georgia voting law. In an attempt to ensure votes aren’t stolen, the law sometimes requires Georgians to provide identification at the polls.

That sounds reasonable to me, especially when there is any question about a person’s identity. Yet just trying to ensure a clean election or having an opinion that differs from left-wing mainstream media can get one in trouble.
In the United States today the latter usually means branding people as “racist,” even though many of the latter have often done nothing more than express a controversial political opinion.

We’re Smarter than You. Do What We Say

It would be a political opinion that our corporate and political masters deem wrong such as supporting Donald Trump, who many of these companies and their allies brand as “a white supremacist.”

As to the latter, which is risible, the woke media seems to forget that Trump, with all his faults, is not racist. Indeed, years before he entered politics, Trump won an award from civil rights leader Jesse Jackson for helping to de-segregate the construction industry in New York City. In 1999, Jackson, in giving the award, honored Trump for “a lifetime of helping blacks.”

However, these corporations, following the lead of radical democrats and our suddenly radical president Biden, contend the Georgia voting rules are racist. They say they are designed to reduce minority voter participation rates according to the president.

However, the implied assumption of the charge is illogical: It is silly to think that most people in any group in America don’t have identification. Almost none of us can function today without identification.

Someone “Woke” Joe

President Joe Biden emboldened these woke corporations, many of which contributed heavily to his campaign. Biden, a once moderate Democrat, seems to have adopted a radical agenda. It is an agenda calling for a remake of the nation. It advocates a junking of American traditions. It insists that the nation, its heritage and culture are “systemically racist.” That logically leads to remake America as a socialist/Marxist country, something I believe most Americans reject. However, Joe Biden, over the past three years or so, seems to have accepted much of this.

The president, regretfully, also seems to be losing his memory day by day. This is a terrible thing that should sadden every American from Biden’s supporters to the rest of us who believe he never should have been elected president. By the way, the latter initially included many radical Democrats in the presidential primaries last year. Most of them initially scorned Biden as too moderate, preferring Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders.

Recently Biden could neither identify his defense secretary nor provide the name of the defense headquarters “across the river:” in Virginia. It’s called the Pentagon, Mr. President. Biden ridiculously and also inaccurately called the new Georgia law “Jim Crow on steroids.” The ID requirements in the law, Biden said, were designed to ensure blacks in the South were disenfranchised.


There seems to be an absence of logic here. Just about everyone in America—with a driver’s license or not—carries some form of identification. That’s because you must show voter ID to do so many things. Such as apply for a license or library card or get on a plane and take a flight with the now wretched Delta Airlines. So how can it be racist to ask for ID at the polls, especially in a nation where we have had more than a few disputed elections and in which there can be no debate that some big city elections have been fraudulent?

A Peek into My Life

An aside: I have been voting at the same place in Kew Gardens, Queens, for the last 32 years. No one has ever asked me for a piece of voter ID. I find this disturbing, especially given that the New York City Board of Elections in New York has a reputation for sloppiness.

This sloppiness is a characteristic seemingly shared by so many levels of state and city government here in the Rancid Apple. It is a place where so many people dread riding the broken down and dangerous government subways—once, a century ago considered “an engineering marvel” when run by a private management company—or sending their kids to the dysfunctional city public schools.

This “we don’t need no stinking identification” attitude is worrisome if we want to ensure clean elections. The system is obviously vulnerable now in some parts of the nation, especially where I live. That’s because if you have a few pieces of information about me, it wouldn’t be difficult to go to the polls, claim to be me and steal my vote. No one has ever asked me for identification. (An aside: I don’t know if the presidential election of 2020 was stolen. As far as I’m concerned Biden is the legitimate president. But I do think there were instances in which some shady events happened.

For instance, voting laws were seeming illegally changed in some states, in contravention of the constitutional provision that state legislatures, not governors nor secretaries of state at the local level, could change voting rules. So I believe that the last elections and elections in general should be investigated by Congress. But no, I do not believe, as apparent Trump does, that vice president Mike Pence should have negated the results of the Electoral College, a Trump demand that made him look silly).

If an election official asked me to show some identification I would no more object to that than when an airline official asks to see my identification. However, you can rest assured it won’t be Delta, once my favorite airline but never again. Delta, through its incredible arrogance, has destroyed that relationship, which was once a very strong one in our household.

Where Has the Apolitical Corp. Gone?

What happened to corporations and businesses that once made a point of being apolitical? In the past, these companies wanted everyone’s business. So they made a point of staying out of politics. And since business was and has always been tough enough, these model companies wanted everyone’s business. The feared alienating any potential customer.

However, these corporations, which once were primarily motivated by maximum profit and putting some of it back into the community through charities, now unfortunately see their role as enlightening the rest of us. Apparently, these self-anointed political leaders now see themselves as saving us, the unenlightened poor fish, because we don’t vote the way they deem as right.

What’s to Be Done?

There is only one way to handle these “woke” corporations. And that is to stop buying their products and services. Make a point of spending your money with those companies and corporations that are old fashioned and not interested in your politics only in your buying patterns.

Look for companies that are apolitical; that only want to give the best services to as many people as possible. To them there is no racism or politics, only the highest levels of profitability they can achieve.
These are companies that are too busy doing a good job to worry about politics, either left or right. They are companies that don’t think their customers are yahoos that need their instruction.

Find the latter and give them your business. Ditch the woke companies. Make them pay.


Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger

Gregory Bresiger is an independent financial journalist from Queens, New York. His articles have appeared in publications such as Financial Planner Magazine and The New York Post.