Here are some of the important stories the mainstream media are deliberately not covering as we come down the homestretch in the presidential election.

*The “likely” next president of the United States, Joe Biden, appears to be a physical and mental wreck. At a recent sparsely attended rally his wife, Jill Biden, who is usually by his side and seemingly helping him mouth every word of his prepared speeches, gave her own speech. Meanwhile, Biden was pathetically ambling back and forth during his wife’s speech, seemingly lost. No notice from the mainstream press.

*Biden, the former vice president under President Obama for two terms, is conducting a strange campaign. Usually, most president candidates, such as President Trump four years ago and today, can’t stop yapping to the press. Trump seemingly is campaigning everywhere and will often even go into the lion’s den with hostile interviewers. But Biden gives few speeches and even fewer interviews. It is almost as if he is afraid to be quoted. Generally, he stays in his home in Wilmington, Delaware. It is one of the biggest mansions in the state, formerly owned by the DuPonts. He is perhaps the most quiescent presidential candidate in the history of the United States. When he does venture out, he appears confused, like someone in the beginning stages of Dementia.

*Who Am I Running Against?

Biden stumbles through speeches. His flubs seem endlessly. Recently, he talked about running against “George,” obviously confusing George W. Bush with the current occupant of the White House, Donald Trump. He also talks about running for re-election to the Senate. He hasn’t been in the Senate for about a decade. Last weekend, he bragged about running the “greatest voter fraud” operation. This comes at a time when millions of Americans are worried about stolen elections. Again, no notice from the mainstream media, whose reporters, editors and news executives seem to be doing everything they can to elect Biden and defeat Trump.

*Sixty Minutes or Sixty Seals?

CBS News’ “Sixty Minutes” recently interviewed both Biden and Trump. The interrogation of Trump was snarling, with frequent interruptions by correspondent Lesley Stahl. The interview of Biden by CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell was soft, almost hushed. It was as though CBS News was interviewing a young, sensitive child and had to ensure that nothing was too difficult. There was no interrupting.

*The Dairy Queen Candidate

This take it easy on Joe recently reached ludicrous lengths. A week or so ago, Biden left his home not to campaign, but to get a milk shake. He brought along the mainstream press. As usual, they played along with this farce. Here was the hard-hitting question from one of the members of the Fourth Estate: “What kind of milk shake did you get?” Responded Biden: “Well, I got a vanilla and chocolate milkshake. That’s called a black and white.”


Biden wished everyone “a happy milkshake.” (I think Biden was buying). However, somebody who wasn’t in on the farce, actually tried to ask a hard question about the FBI investigation of his son, Hunter. Other members of the press were aghast that someone had broken from the script. Biden just laughed along with the rest of the seals and walked away. He had no worries about challenging or even relevant questions from most members of the mainstream media who, as I have recently documented here in four previous columns, are outrageously biased. By the way, I have no objections to hard questions of Trump or any other candidate, especially if we are talking about relatives possibly benefiting from his presidency. However, shouldn’t that also extend to Biden or any other person in power?

*The New Journalists

The jewel in the crown of this media bias is the investigation, or lack of investigation, of a series of emails that were recovered from Hunter Biden’s laptop. That computer and the emails between Hunter Biden and various international power brokers in China and Ukraine are critical. All of this has been turned over to the FBI. Destroy the creditability of the emails—let’s say they were fake—and the investigation is likely done. By the way, I recognize that investigation is not conviction; it isn’t even indictment. But the previous standard of journalists has always been if, a major candidate or a relative of a candidate is being investigated, the media writes about it and follows it to its conclusion as it did in the investigation of Trump over his supposed connections to Russia and the election of 2016. No one proved that Trump, or one of his relatives, was on Putin’s payroll, even after more than three years of investigation. But that didn’t stop the mainstream media from writing tens of thousands of articles about Trump and Russia. What has it done in the Hunter Biden story? It has basically ignored it or claimed it is a Russian disinformation campaign to get Trump re-elected.

*The Hunter Biden Mess

Biden’s son Hunter has had a history crack addiction. I’m sorry for him. I’m sorry for anyone hooked on that garbage. But he isn’t just anyone. He is being investigated by the FBI for potentially illegal lobbying of foreign operatives, who gave him millions of dollars for access to his father. Myriad emails have been published of Hunter Biden’s peddling influence with the Chinese and Ukrainian leaders. A businessman in the middle of those negotiations, Tony Bobulinski, says Joe Biden was also right in the middle of those negotiations that generated millions of dollars for the Biden family. Joe Biden denies all this.

But Bobulinski says “I have no confidence in Joe Biden or the Biden family.” Before his business career, Bobulinski served the nation in naval intelligence and had considerable security clearances. Joe Biden says he has “no idea” about his son’s business dealings.

That seems dubious. But what is perhaps worse is the response of most of the press. Don’t cover the story at all or simply repeat what the Biden campaign is saying: It is part of a campaign of Russian disinformation.

Is it?

*How Does One Decide?

First, it seems to me that a key issue is the emails between Hunter Biden and Chinese and other foreign operatives. They paid him millions for access to his father, who was vice president until the end of 2016. Still, Biden partisans say the story is part of a Russian disinformation campaign. But no one has proven there is a connection with Moscow although Biden partisans insist there is.

Second, let’s consider the emails. No one has shown that that the emails are fake. Indeed, the way the Biden campaign has responded to the email controversy is significant. The Biden campaign calls the emails “a smear.”

Fine, but what about the emails themselves? The Biden partisans have not challenged whether they are authentic or not. I would expect Biden’s people have gone over the emails and, if they had the proof, would have called a press conference to show they are forgeries. They haven’t done that. I must conclude that they reluctantly agree the emails are real, but hope that press and the general public will ignore them. That seems a good bet.

The mainstream media, obviously hopping that people won’t pay attention and will vote for Biden, who is ahead in the polls, have so far done almost nothing with the story. Indeed, National Public Radio publicly announced it would not investigate the story.

Not even touch it? Really?

Wouldn’t it be a great story if one of these faux news organizations proved how these emails were a fake?

Normally, the investigative resources of the major news organizations, which would be going crazy if one of Trump’s relatives had a crack problem and who took lots of dinero from foreign governments, would be going crazy investigating this. The double standard is palpable.

*They’ve Already Lost

I don’t know who will win the coming presidential election. However, I can already tell you who is a loser: It is the credibility of mainstream news media. No matter how the election comes out, the reputation of these milkshake drinking trained seals will never be the same.

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Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger

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