This is a not blog entry endorsing President Trump’s re-election. But it is a continued examination from the previous entry of how Americans will be going to the polls and electing a new president without thoroughly vetting the character of both major candidates. The presidential candidate ahead in the polls to this point, a few days before the election, is being given a free ride by most of the media.


The Press? Not Interested

It has happened in part because the mainstream media is looking the other way so no one will consider the controversies swirling around former vice president Joe Biden and what critics call his crime family. The media are collectively sticking their heads in the ground like ostriches (Thanks to publisher Liam Judge, who provided the illustration for the last entry in this series).

Corrupt Media or Lazy Voters?

Is this mainstream media character examination blackout the result of a willing ignorance of much of the electorate or is it because the mainstream media—the biggest television networks and the most influential newspapers such as the New York Times and the Washington Post—have thrown all objectivity to the winds and are laboring day and night to elect Biden. I think the answer is some of both.

I have come across many voters who hate Trump. And I can point out various things I don’t like about El Donaldo. Still, I don’t believe anyone has established that Trump is taking money from foreign operatives such as Chinese Communist officials looking to destroy our nation or at least impoverish us as they take over the world’s economy. In the last few weeks serious questions have been raised, in a relatively small part of the media, over whether Biden and his family have been trading influence for tens of millions of dollars. A series of e-mails have depicted Biden and his relatives taking millions for access to the vice president.

These issues have been ignored or suppressed by the rest of the media. And many voters seem uninterested in this story. There is a willful policy among many voters of not wanting to consider the potential corruption of Biden and his family. This is an ignorance aided and abetted by much of the press, which once upon a time saw it as their job to thoroughly vet anyone and everyone running for president.


Most reporters, editors and the anchors have been embittered since November 2016. That’s when Trump embarrassed them and won the election, an election victory as big as the Truman upset victory over Tom Dewey in 1948. That’s when, even before Trump formally took office a few months later, some reporters were all but saying that Trump was on the Russians’ payroll. However, they couldn’t produce the evidence to back up their opinions. There were no emails. There were no witnesses to come forward and say that Trump was taking bribes. That’s not the case in Trump’s challenger this time, former vice president Joe Biden.

Indeed, four years later, as we decide who has earned our vote this time, there is a cloud above the candidacy of Biden. Yes, he is now leading in the polls. But there is a cloud over his brother Jim Biden. The cloud is also over his drug addict son Hunter, who some say took in millions of dollars for providing access to his father, the former vice president. Recently, various emails linked Hunter, Jim Biden and Joe to various pay for access schemes.

What About My Son? I Don’t Know

But Joe Biden insisted that he knew nothing of his son’s finances and work with foreign entities, some of them linked to the Chinese Communist government. I find his I know nothing statements bizarre. What parent knows nothing about his adult child’s occupation and work? Biden keeps calling these emails “a smear.” And luckily for him most of the press repeats his smear comment on the brewing scandal and generally moves on as though it is nothing.

Biden and his many mass media flunkies and enablers have insisted the charges are all part of a plot presided over in the Kremlin; that Putin and his gorillas are masterminding these media reports, trying to elect supposed Putin flunky Donald Trump.

To date, these disturbing reports about Biden have only been aired in a few places such as Fox News and the New York Post. And even then, these reports have often been censored by Big Brother tech giants like Twitter, whose censors include Democrats, many of whom have said their primary goal is to beat Trump.

There’s a strange aspect to this story. Despite the frequent Biden denials, curiously the former vice president and his allies have never gone as far as calling the emails forgeries. In fact, no one has proven the emails are fakes. But now the electronic evidence has been buttressed.

There was, until recently, only documentary evidence. This was damning enough but there was no one, no John Dean of Watergate fame, to come forward and publicly affirm these pay for influence meetings. Nobody would come forward and confirm the emails. But that recently changed.

Crossing the Rubicon

On Tuesday October 27th, what someday may be called Bidengate took a new turn. We went beyond a considerable paper trail. A witness on Fox TV said he was at the meetings where the access deal was arranged. He even said Joe Biden was lying when he said he knew nothing about this. The witness said he had personally dealt with Joe Biden several times. He shot a hole in the whole Joe Biden/Hogan’s Heroes Sgt Schultz narrative of “I know nothing. Nothing!!”

Tony Bobulinski, a former naval officer and international financier who helped Hunter Biden arrange deals with Chinese Communist party and Ukrainian operatives, said Joe Biden wasn’t telling the truth. Bobulinski doesn’t seem to be a political flunky hired by the Republicans to do their dirty work. He described himself as a Democrat. He is someone with gravitas. He is someone who had security clearance in the navy.

Bobulinski offered a smoking gun: He said he had met not just Hunter and Jim Biden at a conference but Joe Biden as well when the deal was arranged. He also said he had “no confidence in Joe Biden or the Biden family.” He charged that Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, was sure the whole thing could be covered up. He said the deal would never come out because the Biden clan would always have “plausible deniability.” By the way, Jim Biden, asked for comment, would say nothing.

I would say that these Bobulinski charges might someday be seen as the equal of the famous comment of Dean to President Nixon as the Watergate scandal developed. Dean warned Nixon that there was “a cancer” on the presidency.

How Do We Judge?

Should we believe Bobulinski, his story, the trail of emails and his insistence that he actually met with Joe Biden and discussed the influence scam with Biden’s brother? Well, let me answer this in an indirect way: Why aren’t the Biden people denying the tapes are real? Why aren’t the Biden people threatening to sue Bobulinski? Why does Biden refuse, when they so rarely asked about this issue, to even discuss it? Why do most reporters seem uninterested?

At the very least major news organizations should be jumping over each other to check the facts of what could be Bidengate. Or maybe it is a major hoax, like the Hitler Diaries of decades ago. But they became a hoax because reporters checked through them.

What Kind of Reporter Are You?

That is what mainstream media should be doing now but doesn’t want to do. However, there are reports circulating that editors are telling their reporters to stay away from the Biden story.

Again, it should be obvious that any similar report of potential wrongdoing by Trump and or a family member would lead to full-court press coverage. Why doesn’t the mainstream media simply begin with some of the details of the Bobulinski charges?

We Need to Know Now

Certainly, besides validating the emails and checking the logs at these meetings, one wouldn’t need a Lt. Columbo to verify if Bobulinksi’s version is right. Could reporters—in between going out for milk shakes with Biden and friends—press Biden and his family to answer these questions? If enough did, it is unlikely they could hide from this.

Voters have a right to know before they vote. They need to know if Biden and his family have been enriching themselves at the expense of our nation. When we had a vigilant media, that would have been taken as a given.

Biden may be allowed to skate and win the election in large party by his media sycophants. But it is unlikely that victory at the ballot box will stop an investigation by somebody of the seeming shady dealings of the Biden family. Gregory isn’t drinking milkshakes with either side. We’ll keep asking questions.

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Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger

Gregory Bresiger is an independent financial journalist from Queens, New York. His articles have appeared in publications such as Financial Planner Magazine and The New York Post.