The reason I write Personal Finance books is to prevent people from making the same simple mistakes that so many of us—–yours truly included—-have made over the  years. These are mistakes, that if repeated long enough, can ruin a person’s life or, at least, reduce the quality of a life.

My Personal Finance articles have appeared in publications such as The New York Post & Financial Planner Magazine. My work is important to me because it’s personal, I have gone through many of these money issues myself and have had personal experience seeing them affect others, including friends and relatives. It pains me to see so many people going down the wrong track. Around that curve is potential bankruptcy or other money miseries. I want to see everyone—-from my friends and relatives to my readers—avoid financial crashes. I love this writing genre as it is a direct, simple way to state a clear message of financial independence. That is if I my editor and I are up to writing simple, clear books that will invite non-financial experts to gain enough money literacy to make the right decisions.

My purpose as an author is to help my readers and to help myself, my editorial partners and my family. The more I learn about money, the more I help them as well as myself. The abiding theme of my work is, in a word, self-help. Don’t depend on the government to provide for you. Try, as much as you can, to help yourself and/or depend on your family, community or friends to help you. Governments, both left or right, tend to be run by career pols who are in it for the office. They are not overly concerned with the average Joe or Jane who has to pay sky-rocketing property or sales taxes or god knows what else. The MoneySense person understands that his or her wealth, or would be wealth, is frequently the target of so many factors that keep people from achieving any of their dreams.


Summary of Skills and Experience

* Business and political writer for some 30 years

* Have written many articles for various business, daily newspaper, trade and web publications, including the New York Post Sunday business section, the New Jersey Herald, Financial Advisor, Financial Planning and Traders magazines I also wrote and edited Traders’ quarterly supplement for the clearing industry, CQ&D, for the last five of the fifteen years I worked for Traders. Also worked as an editor for some of these publications. I continue to work for the NY Post as well as Financial Advisor as well as various freelance projects. For example I helped edit the book “Yes, the Bee Can Fly” by Sid Mittra, a certified financial planner and a leader of the financial advisory industry.

* Have also written for dozens of websites including, FreedomToday, a publication of the Future of Freedom Foundation, and the Journal of Competitive Enterprise

* Provide content for my website,, which focuses on Personal Finance as well as other issues

* Have written, along with my business partner Liam Judge, two electronic books, “MoneySense” and “Personal Finance for People Who Hate Personal Finance.”



Writer and editor with Traders Magazine (1997-2013), covering institutional trading.

Senior Writer with Financial Advisor Magazine (1988-1997). Now freelance for Financial Advisor.

Freelance reporter for New York Post Sunday Business Paper (2000–)

Spent about 20 years as a reporter and news-director in various small market newspapers and radio stations during the 1970s and 1980s. Worked for the New Herald as a staff reporter, the Star Ledger of Newark, as a freelancer, as well as news-director of WNNY/WIXL radio in Newton, New Jersey.



B.A. History. Economics, Fordham University, Lincoln Center, New York

M.A. History, New York University


Speak and read Spanish. And French.


References and clips available upon request.

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