Pay Up, Taxpayers!

It is the dreaded tax day for millions of Americans and the same question comes to mind every year: Had enough? And every year my answer is the same: We should trash this horrible, wasteful tax system. We should begin anew with a simpler, less costly system along with a much smaller government that stops […]

Take a Hike! At any age, it helps you feel good and possibly live longer

There’s nothing like a good walk. Recently, a few friends of mine from my apartment complex on Metropolitan Avenue in Kew Gardens, Queens decided to visit our neighbor’s new restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We went by car. It is about 12 or 13 miles down Metropolitan Avenue, going through about a half dozen Queens and […]

You’re Young and Just One Unexpected Expense from Disaster

Build up a cash reserve emergency fund as soon as possible because you could need it tomorrow. That’s the message of a new study that said that many twenty somethings are just one charge away from disaster. The study found that an unexpected expense of just $500 can upend the life of a millennial, […]

Rampant Youth Unemployment in the United States and Europe: How we got here and how to get out of the mess. Misleading a generation of young people. A way out of this mess? Part 3

There’s a terrible irony of youth unemployment in the United States and in Europe: Millions of young college graduates can’t find a job. Millions of technical jobs go unfilled. That’s because companies can’t find the right people for many jobs. (Please see note after Q & A). It’s a big problem. Many companies are coming […]