The New American Dependents

Chronologically they’re adults. But in terms of personal finance, many of them are still children. Indeed, maybe historians will someday end up calling millions of Americas in their 20s and 30s today “the dependent generation.” That’s because many Americans, from their 20s to their 50s, are hoping that their parents’ assets will provide their financial…

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Help the Next Generation Avoid Money Madness: Tens of millions of gray hairs must point the way to MoneySense

It’s up to, seniors, to save the kids or someday they will be miserable, living their last years in poverty. That’s what I concluded as I returned from a lovely cruise down the Danube with hundreds of other old people. These are people with at least a decent amount of assets or they would not…

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The Little-Known Economist Who Challenged the Most Famous Economist of the 20th Century and His System of Inflation: You have more money, but it often buys less.

Inflation, economist and American Institute for Economic Research founder Edward C. Harwood believed, is a tricky kind of legalized theft. The theft has persisted for generations. That’s because economist John Maynard Keynes, the most influential economist of our times, argued in favor of governments deliberately inflating. Harwood, in writings and in correspondence with Keynes, disagreed.…

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The Case for Gold: If you trust in central bankers and in the money promise of politicians, left or right, you can stop reading. But if you have your doubts, there is an alternative to fiat currencies.

Gold is the ultimate anti-paper money. That’s because owning it represents a vote of no confidence in modern paper currencies—called fiat money. The latter are backed by nothing but the promises of governments not to debase money. Gold is an effective way of hedging against the periodic disasters that have occurred in American economic history…

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Maybe You Won’t Retire to Florida: Many retirees use an exotic new cost-effective option to make their retirement years golden

Getting out of the country is taking on a new meaning for millions of Americans. That’s because some of them are finding out that they have undersaved for retirement and have run out of years to save. So, they increasingly opt for an outside the border solution. It is highly unusual, but it could make…

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A Money Manager Warns Bad Times Are Ahead: Should you prepare for the worst?

A market crash is coming, fiat currencies are doomed and many of the criticisms you have heard of cyber money are wrong. And the United States’ economic policies are putting it on the road to a Weimar Republic or another Zimbabwe. Those were among the startling assertions recently offered by hedge fund manager and executive…

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