Presidential Health Lies: It’s happened before; is it happening again?

Leading presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently didn’t tell an adoring mainstream media that she was sick—very sick—until she had to sit down at an event because she was dehydrated. Clinton, a senior citizen in her 60s, recently had to leave the campaign because she was suffering from pneumonia, even though she had unilaterally decided that…

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Financial Turning Points: How one couple, with a commitment to sensible spending, saving and investing, went from nothing to financial independence

They, let us call this couple Dick and Jane, married relatively late in life—one was in his late 30s while she was in her early 40s. They were united by more than love—neither had very much in the way of assets and while both were employed, neither earned, or would ever earn, fabulous salaries. Their…

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Sorry, Teacher. My Dog Ate My Homework: More wacky excuses in an already ridiculous American presidential race, long on farces and short on answers

When we were kids and we didn’t do something we should have done, many of us would come up with lame excuses for our parents and others. If you didn’t do your homework, you’d tell your teacher that your dog ate the homework. (That was one of my favorites, even though we never had a…

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Where’s Hillary? Backing your way into the presidency

Leading presidential candidate Hillary Clinton apparently doesn’t like holding press conferences. They’re too messy. They’re too unpredictable. This is what she seems to believe. The give and take of open ended questions of the press conference from all sorts of different news organizations could embarrass her—especially if someone asks direct questions about her foundation, her…

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A Vote for Freedom and Sanity: A very different choice from Clinton and Trump

I’m voting for the Gary Johnson/William Weld libertarian ticket this fall because I want less government—much less—and because I am sick of career pols and wild men who want to run every aspect of my life. Both Johnson and Weld stand for limited government. This is a concept that is so old that, for many…

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Don’t Fall into the American Two Party Oligopoly Trap: Alternatives to Political Disaster this fall

Get ready for the worst, voters. It will be coming very soon and it will be brought to you by well-meaning friends and neighbors, who will appeal to your “patriotism” or “civic duty” or other such moonshine. Millions of dissatisfied American voters will hear this again and again between now and the first Tuesday in…

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