Learn from the Mistakes of Other Individual Investors: Don’t destroy yourself. Part 2

Why do so many individual investors have ants in their pants? Why do so many investors make the wrong moves, switching in and out of funds and stocks, many of them quite good if held for the long term? Many investors haven’t forgotten 2008. In 2008, the average investor was hammered. Most indexes lost 40…

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Learn from the Mistakes of Other Individual Investors: Don’t destroy yourself. Part 1

Just shoot me. Better yet, I’ll just shoot myself. That’s what the average investor often does, many financial professionals say. As markets were on a roller coast ride recently, somedays dropping more than a thousand points, financial pros cautioned that average investors are easily spooked. Joe Blow average investors wrongly jump in and out of…

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Sid Mittra, one of the leaders in the financial planning movement, is a son of India. He recently returned to the subcontinent and provided a fascinating portrait on the changes in his native land. 

Introduction: This note reflects my personal views, developed during my recent two-week visit to India. In expressing them, I wore different hats: as an economist, a recognized financial planner, a person born and raised in India for over a quarter of a century, an immigrant living six decades of professional and retired life in the…

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A Growing Economy Could Be Bad for You: Make sure that this isn’t you.

Rising interest rates, normally the sign of a booming economy, could hurt millions of vulnerable credit heavy households. Some market and credit card industry observers warn that many people suddenly might not be able to pay their bills as in the last downturn. What happens, they ask, if millions of people, as in the financial…

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Don’t Read This If You Would Enjoy Old Age Poverty: The lack of saving and investing now could ruin you later

Social Security is the primary income for millions of elderly Americans. The average Social Security payment is about $1,400 a month or about $16,800 a year, according to the Social Security administration. Millions of elderly Americans, who believed that the government would take care of them, only have Social Security as their income source. Many…

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Regulatory Decision Is “Moronic,” Attorney Says: Excessive rules and regs can add ridiculous costs and hurt the small firm, securities pro says.

Dickens once wrote that the “law is an ass.” Today, in America, many people, feeling the burden of intrusive, excessive, yet often ineffective regulatory authority exercised by men and women not elected, express a similar sentiment. They believe the regulator is an “ass.” One such maverick is a securities industry gadfly who is very critical…

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