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Rolling Snake Eyes in Albany and Trenton

Gambling will always be us, but governments, through their state sponsored games make it worse. That’s my verdict in the states of New York State and New Jersey, where the government is intimately involved in everything from casinos to lottery games and everything in between. Almost all other states have fallen for this sucker’s play,…

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The Failure of a “Government Enterprise.” A Periodic Series on Governments Trying to Run Businesses. Part 6: The Triumph of the Goo-Goos: Subways in the State Era

Are Goo-Goos Part of the Problem? The Goo-Goos, the “good” government who allied themselves with the mainstream pols of the 1920s and 1930s, had won. After World War II the subways would be a state enterprise and there was no going back to the private management companies. Today, the Straphangers Campaign is a descendant of…

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The Silly Season of Politics (Part 3) Who Should You Support? Donald Trump?

He’s a blowhard with an opinion about everything, especially subjects he often knows little about. He thinks humility is a bad word and always tells people to “think big.” He drives people crazy with ill-considered comments and sometimes will issue five retractions of statements over a period of a few days. His business successes aren’t…

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The Silly Season of Politics (Part 2) Who Should You Support? Hillary Clinton?

In Part 1, I wrote that although Senator Bernie Sanders was offering the American people moonshine (Please see note 1 below), socialist nonsense and a discredited “the government will pay for everything” philosophy—and many people, especially the young, are swallowing the lollypop and baying for more—it is difficult to dislike the grandfatherly virtual communist from…

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The Silly Season of Politics (Part 1) Who should you support? Bernie Sanders?

It’s that crazy time that comes every four years in America—-we’re choosing a president. And—a blog that advocates dramatic reductions in size and scope of government along with offering basic money management advice—is finally going to give our opinions on the five major candidates. And this group—three republicans and two democrats—is generally a frightening…

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Giving to the Government with Both Hands: Why not take home more of your money each pay period?

No one, the eminent Judge Learned Hand wrote, has to pay one cent more in taxes than obligated. However, millions of Americans have been doing that for years. That’s even though Uncle Whiskers and his merry band of persistent publicans always seem to be looking for Americans to pay more and more for a large…

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