Twenty Somethings Getting Out from Behind the Eight Ball: How Grads Can Refinance Student Loan Debt

(Editor’s Note: welcomes a guest columnist who offers some effective strategies for one of the biggest problems facing young people: student debt.) By Nate Matherson. Got student loans? It’s nearly impossible to get a college degree these days without taking on student debt. In fact, six out of 10 students have student debt and…

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The Battle Over Who Gets or Shares the Tip: U.S. Labor Department, labor groups battle over an old custom in the United States

Tipping, how restaurants allow gratuities, is a good practice that should continue despite controversy, says a waiter and now labor leader. Joshua Chaisson, a veteran server in Maine and one of the leaders of the recently formed Restaurant Workers of America, says providing good service is an entrepreneurial activity. It is one that leads to…

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“Don’t Worry–I’ll Get to It One of These Days”: Yet most never do and often live to regret it

“Yes, I am going to get started saving and investing. Yes, I know it is important for my future and my family’s. I’m going to get started soon. Maybe next year.” Just the other day I heard this from a friend who keeps meaning to set up an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) but never does.…

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You Must Help Yourself—-A Call for American Self-Improvement: New book argues for economic self-liberation

Title: The Memo Subtitle: Five Rules for Your Economic Liberation By John Hope Bryant (Berrett-Koehler, Oakland, California, 115 pages, $24.95). Millions of poor or middle-income Americans didn’t get the memo, a message of self-improvement and self-realization. The author warns that it is up to them to improve themselves. They must take the most basic steps…

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Learn from the Mistakes of Other Individual Investors: Don’t destroy yourself. Part 2

Why do so many individual investors have ants in their pants? Why do so many investors make the wrong moves, switching in and out of funds and stocks, many of them quite good if held for the long term? Many investors haven’t forgotten 2008. In 2008, the average investor was hammered. Most indexes lost 40…

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Learn from the Mistakes of Other Individual Investors: Don’t destroy yourself. Part 1

Just shoot me. Better yet, I’ll just shoot myself. That’s what the average investor often does, many financial professionals say. As markets were on a roller coast ride recently, somedays dropping more than a thousand points, financial pros cautioned that average investors are easily spooked. Joe Blow average investors wrongly jump in and out of…

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