Don’t Fall into the American Two Party Oligopoly Trap: Alternatives to Political Disaster this fall

Get ready for the worst, voters. It will be coming very soon and it will be brought to you by well-meaning friends and neighbors, who will appeal to your “patriotism” or “civic duty” or other such moonshine. Millions of dissatisfied American voters will hear this again and again between now and the first Tuesday in…

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They Come “Straight from Hell.” The latest from the two main U.S. presidential hopefuls, flawed candidates, either of whom can only bring us misery.

Donald Trump, who this blog has consistently criticized, is right on one point. Recently, he proposed a simplified flat tax code. It would cut the number of brackets and generally reduce most peoples’ taxes as well as the corporate tax rate. The goal of such a system is to encourage, not discourage, work, whether you’re…

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NY homes

It’s the Great Dream that Never Happens for Millions: Sometimes dreams can come true. Here’s how.

The seemingly impossible goal for millions of people looking for a first home is not impossible. That’s even though for most of them the down payment seems daunting. It requires a plan and the discipline to stick to that plan. For millions of Americans and Europeans, especially those who live in big expensive cities, the…

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benjamin franklin

The New Thrift: Revising Benjamin Franklin in an era of runaway government

“A penny saved is a penny earned,” Benjamin Franklin. That piece of wisdom should be revised in an era when most welfare state governments tax every bit of economic activity, especially earnings. Say you save. You save a thousand dollars by finding a way to avoid spending on something because you discover you don’t need…

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“Stocks? We Don’t Need No Stinking Stocks!” Avoid one of the biggest mistakes of personal finance

Millions of Americans are making this mistake. And likely so are millions of others in the advanced welfare states of the West. And yet it is one of the big reasons why many people will never accumulate substantial assets, never achieve financial independence and possibly must ride the wretched rush hour E-train for more years…

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Nice terrorist attack

Reversing the Suicide of the West? Terrorist attacks around the globe won’t end unless extraordinary men and women come forward

How many more attacks, how many more children killed, how many more Western ideas of tolerance will be trampled on before the leaders of the biggest nations say enough and stamp out the sources of these horrific acts? As we wail for the dead and wounded of Nice, as we become inured and hardened to…

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