How not to Reach Your Investment Goals

Cash is usually trash for the long-term investor. Having a certain amount of cash on hand as a protection against short-term problems—such as unemployment or an unexpected medical expense—is reasonable. However, these days millions of Americans are overdoing it by holding unreasonably high cash balances. That can mean they are under invested. And that can…

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What’s Wrong with Baseball: The Long Season

Who Was Jim Brosnan? About a half century ago an unusually talented man—a major league pitcher who was actually a very good writer—produced several good books about the wear and tear of going through a season in the big leagues, which is a marathon compared to other sports seasons. Jim Brosnan’s “Pennant Race” and “The…

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yogi berra

Yogi, a Remembrance: The Unforgettable Number 8

Besides all his countless sports records and accomplishments, New York Yankee Yogi Berra was a lovable person, loved by millions of people who never even met him. I should know. I’m one of them. I lived close to where he worked. Yogi Berra was a remarkable player, coach, personality, an every man. He succeeded with…

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financial independence

Turning Points on the Financial Independence Road: Can $450,000 or $900,000 make a difference in your life? Then read on.

The great money manager John Templeton began his married life with almost nothing but a commitment that he and his wife would save 50 percent of their income. Years later they were billionaires. Most people don’t need to save or invest nearly that amount to achieve financial independence, but they do need to make a…

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Job Interview

Why Didn’t You Get that Job?: Often job seekers do everything well, except prepare for the interview

What a shame. You worked so hard and prepared so much for a dream job and then, in a few minutes, you throw away a wonderful opportunity. And it could be for as ridiculous a reason as you have the wrong address of the company or eat too much before your interview. That’s the warning…

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unwanted calls

Stop Wasting My Time: When did I invite you to telephone me anytime you want and mislead me?

“Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.” As you pass 40, you realize those sands are precious. Actually, they are precious at any age. It’s just that, as you go past 40 and then past 50 and even 60, you appreciate that time, the currency of any person’s life, is…

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