Don’t Vote for Him! Potential presidential candidate advocates allowing the government to steal money from you.

News Item: Republican Chris Christie—expected to run for president and citing the financial problems of the Social Security system—advocates “means testing” Social Security. What does it mean and how would Christie’s proposal work? Those defined as “well off” would receive nothing even though they “contributed” tens of thousands of dollars into Social Security over decades […]

Is Your Family Ready for Your Death?

The answer for millions of Americans is no. You worked hard all your life and probably paid a hell of a lot of taxes. When you die do you want the bulk of the money to go to the government, lawyers or your loved ones? I thought so. You want your loved ones to be […]

Financial Institutions We Can Do Without: Make them work hard for you.

Be finicky and demanding when depositing or investing money in an institution. That’s because an institution can become a strategic partner in helping you achieve goals. Or maybe not. Indeed, it can also become a hindrance; it can be something slowing or weighing you down. And sometimes even model institutions, ones that once helped you, […]

Pay Up, Taxpayers!

It is the dreaded tax day for millions of Americans and the same question comes to mind every year: Had enough? And every year my answer is the same: We should trash this horrible, wasteful tax system. We should begin anew with a simpler, less costly system along with a much smaller government that stops […]

Take a Hike! At any age, it helps you feel good and possibly live longer

There’s nothing like a good walk. Recently, a few friends of mine from my apartment complex on Metropolitan Avenue in Kew Gardens, Queens decided to visit our neighbor’s new restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We went by car. It is about 12 or 13 miles down Metropolitan Avenue, going through about a half dozen Queens and […]