In September 2016, documented how Americans were not given the full truth about the health of the major presidential candidates.

Four years later nothing has changed. We are flying blind in our understanding of the health of the next president, either President Donald Trump or former vice president Joe Biden.

History repeats.

No Truth for the Voters

Indeed, it could be the same as the con-game that was foisted on war weary Americans in 1944. That’s when they re-elected president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a man who a few political insiders knew would never live through his fourth term and whose vice president—at the last moment the credulous left-wing Henry Wallace was dropped in favor of the more middle of the road Senator Harry Truman—would certainly become president.

Is something like that about to play out now? I think there is a possibility. For example, let’s take the 77-year old Biden, who is leading in the polls and very possibly will be the next president. He turns 78 early next year and he appears at times to 108.

“Old age,” French leader Charles de Gaulle once said, “is a shipwreck.” Biden appears to be the Titanic. For months now, his handlers have carefully kept him away from most contacts. Unlike any other president candidate I have ever seen, Biden hardly talks to the press. That’s even though most candidates I have seen can hardly shut up when there are reporters in the neighborhood.

Biden not Available

He has rarely campaigned. Biden often puts “a lid” on the day, which means he stays en casa and will not be available to the press. He has held few news conferences. And, when he does, they usually include planted softball questions. One such conference was recently staged in primetime television by NBC News. The latter title seems a joke as NBC News, the same as much of the rest of the mainstream media, appears to be Biden cheerleaders.

Sometimes, questions at these fake news conferences are on the order of, “Mr. Vice President, why aren’t you angrier at President Trump?”

When a real question somehow gets asked, Biden seems lost or starts dodging. One such question was, will you and the Democrats in Congress stack the U.S. Supreme Court? But Biden and his vice president candidate, Senator Kamala Harris, refused to answer it. Biden actually said that he will only answer the court stacking query after the election.


What Was That?

Then what is the purpose of an election campaign if candidates don’t answer critical queries before the voting?

But the more amazing thing is his health. Look at the photos of FDR at Yalta in 1945, a few months before he died. Now watch Biden on television. They both look horrible.

More importantly, Biden is making endless gaffs. He doesn’t seem to know where he is at times or what office is seeking. He keeps saying he is running for the Senate. A couple of times he has talked about the Harris/Biden ticket instead of saying the Biden/Harris ticket. There is more than a gaff.


There are now conspiracy theories afoot that the Democratic party, which has gone radical left, is using Biden as a front man and, once elected, will push him out of office by invoking the 25th amendment. The radical left of the party, this theory goes, much prefers Harris to Biden but isn’t going to say so after the election.

Harris, who all but accused Biden of being a racist in the Democratic primaries, did terribly during those primaries and had to drop out early in the campaign. Later, after Biden picked her as his vice-presidential candidate, there was no more of that talk.

The 25th amendment to the constitution governs presidential succession if the president is declared unfit to carry out his or her duties. These conspiracies were given new credibility when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, second in line in presidential succession, recently announced that Congress will study how it could invoke the 25th amendment. But, much as she detests President Trump, she made a point of saying this was not aimed at Trump but at some future president.


Is He Sick?

And this comes at the same time that some have suggested that Biden, given his frequent flubs and his reluctance to campaign, is in the beginning stages of dementia.

Do I know this?

I do not. However, it is apparent, given Biden spending most of the campaign in his basement, not campaigning the way most presidential candidates do, and limiting news conferences, that something is wrong. What it is I don’t know. Of course, his aides publicly say he’s just fine.

American Lies in the mid-20th Century

That’s what FDR’s people were publicly saying just before the 1944 election, even though some knew it was a lie.
So, once again, as I did in 2016, I renew my request: All presidential candidates should be legally required to submit to a thorough examination by the Surgeon General. And the results of that examination should be immediately made public. They should be published. They should easily be available on line.

We should know the physical condition of whoever is going to rule us for the next four years, or possibly less.

Portly El Donaldo

By the way, my proposal certainly apples to Trump. He just got over a case of Covid, or so he and his doctors say. But how do we know they are not skewing the data?

Trump is incredibly energetic, but he is also, like most Americans, fat. No, correct that, he is obese. Only when he was hospitalized did I find out that he weighs 244 pounds.

On a body of about 6’1, that seems very grossly fat to me. Is he in danger of any health problems? Does he have any health problems remaining from the Covid? I believe an impartial third party, not one of the candidates’ doctors, should answer these questions and in time for the elections.

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Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger

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