Get ready for the worst, voters.

It will be coming very soon and it will be brought to you by well-meaning friends and neighbors, who will appeal to your “patriotism” or “civic duty” or other such moonshine.

Millions of dissatisfied American voters will hear this again and again between now and the first Tuesday in November: “You must vote for Hillary.” Or “you must vote for the Donald.”


They both have some of the biggest negative poll numbers in American political history. They both are disreputable politicians who say and do terrible things. They are mountebanks of the first order. They’re in it for the job, not because they actually believe in anything other than themselves. They will likely say or do anything to obtain tens of millions of votes.

Then, after elected, this typical pol suddenly suffers political amnesia. This is the kind of illness that almost always occurs when voters remind a pol of what he or she said or promised on the hustings in the heat of a political battle. Presidents will often say they have no memory of promises such as “a middle class tax cut” or “read my lips, no new taxes” or “if you like your doctor, you can keep him.”

All Bets Lose in This Horse Race

Many of your friends who have bought into the horse racing philosophy of voting—-one must vote for the winning side, no matter how distasteful—will be pressuring you with the usual lame excuses for voting for one of the two major parties: “Oh, third parties never win. You must vote for one of the two major parties. Otherwise, you’re wasting your vote.”


Most fair-minded people considering either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump know they are both horrid. The former is an ethical nightmare. But this is a family affair, Hillary, along with her husband, Bill, and even her daughter, Chelsea—who Billy Carter style, caged a highly paid news reporter job with NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams—have maximized their earning power. And remember they did because, according to Hillary,” they left the White House in 2000 “broke.”

Most people should be so broke!

And Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, used private email networks in contravention of government security rules. This was a prohibited practice that subjected her to a blistering critique by the head of the FBI.

She also ignored warnings of faulty security in Libya, leading to the death of U.S. diplomats, deaths for which she said she had no responsibility even though she was Secretary of State. She has also voted for wars. Yet now she complains that Trump wants to send “American ground troops” to fight ISIS in the Middle East. Funny, I never remember her objecting when President Obama sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

Hillary Clinton has shown not the least ability to formulate a world view; an indication that she is ready to be effective as commander-in-chief or has any substantial plan to combat terrorism. But she certainly has a plan to take more of the citizen’s money.

Taxes, Taxes, Taxes and Still More Taxes

Her economic vision is basically to raise taxes on the rich; then have the government go on another spending spree that will supposedly spend us to prosperity. But isn’t that what the administration she has served in has been promising for the past eight years? And are we prosperous now? The average millennial would probably disagree. For millions of them, the economy and business don’t seem strong, yet Trump says he has the solutions based on his career.

Trump much whooped up business successes have often been the result of his political connections going back to the days of his father, builder Fred Trump. At times, “The Donald” has been the apotheosis of crony capitalism. He obtained special deals tax breaks that no one else did. But he also stiffed many investors at some of his problem plagued casinos that went into bankruptcy.

Don’t Ask Him Questions

Trump can also be a bully boy; one who cries bias when a Fox News analyst, simply doing her job, asks direct questions. But he has a history of screaming at the watchdog who pulls the curtains away to expose the misdeeds of this supposed business wizard.

Indeed, Trump also had a business analyst fired who had predicted one of his casinos would go bust, which it did (This proves that it is dangerous to be right too soon. I remember the anti-Vietnam war dissenters of my youth in the early 1960s. Who remembers the handful of courageous members of Congress who voted against the Gulf of Tonkin resolution, which launched the United States on a superfluous, disastrous war that split the country?). The business analyst, like the Vietnam War critics, was right.

My Stomach Is Acting Up

So must the average voter go to the polls, careful that he or she hasn’t just had a big meal, hold on tight to his or her nose and then cast a ballot for one of these two scoundrels?


Is there no alternative?

I believe there is. And there is a rational way to go about voting in a campaign dominated by the bad and the worst candidate? There is.

Yes,, will offer a choice, a reasonable one that doesn’t turn a stomach upside down, in the next segment.



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Gregory Bresiger
Gregory Bresiger

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