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A Vote for Freedom and Sanity: A very different choice from Clinton and Trump

I’m voting for the Gary Johnson/William Weld libertarian ticket this fall because I want less government—much less—and because I am sick of career pols and wild men who want to run every aspect of my life. Both Johnson and Weld stand for limited government. This is a concept that is so old that, for many…

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Don’t Fall into the American Two Party Oligopoly Trap: Alternatives to Political Disaster this fall

Get ready for the worst, voters. It will be coming very soon and it will be brought to you by well-meaning friends and neighbors, who will appeal to your “patriotism” or “civic duty” or other such moonshine. Millions of dissatisfied American voters will hear this again and again between now and the first Tuesday in…

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They Come “Straight from Hell.” The latest from the two main U.S. presidential hopefuls, flawed candidates, either of whom can only bring us misery.

Donald Trump, who this blog has consistently criticized, is right on one point. Recently, he proposed a simplified flat tax code. It would cut the number of brackets and generally reduce most peoples’ taxes as well as the corporate tax rate. The goal of such a system is to encourage, not discourage, work, whether you’re…

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I Want Both of Them to Lose!: “You Must Vote for a Democrat or Republican.” Asks Why and Offers a Plea for Electoral Reform

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party presidential nominee has some of the highest negative ratings since polling began. That is except for Donald Trump, the Republican party presidential party nominee. His negative numbers are even higher. A No Vote of Confidence Tens of millions of Americans dislike one or both of these candidates. I hold my…

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Some Choice! Moneybags vs. El Payaso. U.S presidential race this time is the dregs of politics.

Gregory Bresiger will continue his perfect presidential voting record. One’s bad. The other’s worse. That is how many of my friends on both the left and right view this ridiculous presidential race. It is an illustration of why we need major third parties and a “none of the above” system to replace our two-party tyranny…

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The Silly Season of Politics (Part 3) Who Should You Support? Donald Trump?

He’s a blowhard with an opinion about everything, especially subjects he often knows little about. He thinks humility is a bad word and always tells people to “think big.” He drives people crazy with ill-considered comments and sometimes will issue five retractions of statements over a period of a few days. His business successes aren’t…

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