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What I’m Reading: What Happened By Hillary Rodham Clinton (Simon & Shuster, New York, 492 pages, $30)

The Sorrows of Poor Hillary: Hillary Clinton Campaign Memoir Trashes Friend and Foe Alike but Rarely Looks in the Mirror for Why She Suffered Possibly the Biggest Electoral Defeat in American History. A Postmortem Clue: Hillary’s Natural Allies Ran Away from Her. Hillary Clinton explains why she lost the presidential election last year. Blame Sexism.…

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The Age of Trump and the MoneySense Investor: What changes now that a new government takes over in Washington and governments in Europe watch it closely

(Note to Readers of Gregory The philosophy of this blog is the idea of smart money management; of avoiding many of the mistakes that can ruin a person’s life. We have taken this idea and turned it into a mini-book that combines commonsense with simple money management concepts. Liam Judge, my partner and the…

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Trump’s Triumph or Hillary’s Blunders?: Both are factors in the latest 1948 upset election in America

In 1948 republican Thomas Dewey took for granted he was going to win the presidency against incumbent Harry Truman and cut back on his campaigning. Most of the media agreed, yet they were all wrong. Dewey threw away his election just as Al Gore, in the election of 2000, made the same mistake. He was…

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American Elections—What Went Wrong?: Trump was only partly right about the system being rigged

No matter who wins, we Americans have lost. I write as possibly the most divisive presidential elections in U.S. history—as divisive and bitter as the election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1800—has taken place. And, even though as I write this I don’t know whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be a…

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Is Trump on the Verge of Pulling a Bush 2000 or a Truman 1948?: Mainstream media, with a stake in a Hillary victory, is worried

Donald Trump, uncharacteristically, has recently stayed on script. He hasn’t put a foot in his mouth lately, but stuck to a populist message aimed at the Clintons as well as Bushes. Once trailing by close to 15 percent in the polls, Clinton’s lead recently was down to the low single digits. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton keeps…

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A Pre-Mortem for a Campaign and a Free Republic: Why Trump will likely lose as America, like Rome, burns

The republicans and Trump, if they lose, will have certainly missed a great chance to defeat the ethically challenged Hillary Clinton and her plans to expand the already run amuck American welfare/warfare state. Former Reagan administration speechwriter Peggy Noonan recently wrote an excellent column in the Wall Street Journal in which she imagined the positions…

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