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The Super Bank Turns 100, But don’t ask its representatives to speak on the record

End America’s central bank because it caused the crashes of 2008, 1987 and 1929 and will blunder again. That’s some of what many critics are saying about The Federal Reserve Board (the Fed), which turns 100 on December 23, 2013. They note that on the Fed’s watch America has endured numerous bubbles, crashes and inflationary…

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Your Credit Card Bill, Mr. America, Is Now $143,000 and Rising

Big government spending today that hurts tomorrow’s youth, economist says. The U.S. government’s finances are “going to hell” and they hurt everyone, claims a former Wells Fargo CEO as lawmakers will face another budget/sequester crisis in 2014. Dick Kovacevich, in recent YouTube comments, criticized both the republicans and democrats for not finding a long-term solution…

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