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Income Inequality: One of the Ways to Help Wreck an Economy

“Give a man fish. Feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish. Feed for a longtime.” Spanish proverb. How can we help the people who aren’t keeping up, who are slipping into poverty? The politically popular answer these days is to demand policies of income equality. The latter will be achieved, supporters of…

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The Wall Street Journal Gets It: Business paper finally discovers the woes that has been writing about for years, Part II

What needs to be done to avoid these retirement savings problems that are making millions of Americans miserable and that the Wall Street Journal chronicled about a week ago in a front-page story? How does one ensure that the WSJ isn’t profiling you the next time it writes about the retirement savings time bomb? Take…

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The Wall Street Journal Gets It: Business paper finally discovers the woes that has been writing about for years

A lot of people are having a miserable retirement. A lot of others are heading for a miserable retirement. They haven’t or are not saving enough. They spent too much and underestimated, or ignored, the long-term costs of inflation and how it hurts the standard of living. This made things that were once affordable unaffordable…

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Soon Governments May Want You to Get High: Legal pot may soon be at a store near you

Legal pot will come to New York, cannabis industry experts predict, noting the economic benefits to states and cities. Indeed, it is inevitable, they add, because, as neighboring states approve legalization, tax hungry New York lawmakers will also want the highs that will come from legalized weed. Indeed, legal pot, says New York City Comptroller…

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The New American Dependents

Chronologically they’re adults. But in terms of personal finance, many of them are still children. Indeed, maybe historians will someday end up calling millions of Americas in their 20s and 30s today “the dependent generation.” That’s because many Americans, from their 20s to their 50s, are hoping that their parents’ assets will provide their financial…

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Help the Next Generation Avoid Money Madness: Tens of millions of gray hairs must point the way to MoneySense

It’s up to, seniors, to save the kids or someday they will be miserable, living their last years in poverty. That’s what I concluded as I returned from a lovely cruise down the Danube with hundreds of other old people. These are people with at least a decent amount of assets or they would not…

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