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What to Do with Twenty Five Thousand Dollars: Some commonsense strategies on how to invest a windfall or make it last

Recently a friend asked me what to do with $25,000. He didn’t tell me if he wanted to invest it for growth or make the money last as long as possible. There are a number of ways to work with an unexpected windfall. Here is one possible scenario. Funds Can Make Sense I would recommend…

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Help! I Need Somebody to Explain the ABCs of Personal Finance: Studies find Americans’ financial understanding is poor. Many could be headed for financial disaster.

Financial illiteracy in America is widespread. And it is not just for millennials or baby boomers or the poor or women or men. The problem goes across the board. Millions of Americans are in danger of falling into the trap of not understanding what they need to do to ensure their financial health and their…

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Why Don’t I Have Any Retirement Assets? Why Must I Keep Working?: Excuses! Excuses! Are you a manana investor? Why not use tax time as the time to take control of your life and start down the road toward financial independence

It’s amazing the number of reasons people give for not starting on a savings and investing plan that will immeasurably improve their lives, as well as those of their loved ones. For instance, time and time again people tell me they will start saving and investing on a regular basis sometime in the future. But…

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For Some People, Money Will Always Be a Problem: Are you or will you be one of them? How not to be. Are you patient enough to become financially comfortable? Try some lethargy.

I personally know some of these people with money problems. And it is terrible to see their lives of quiet desperation. It is painful because most of their money problems could have been easily avoided. Who? Why? These are people of my generation—I’m a baby boomer who was born in the 1950s—who have saved or…

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Financial Turning Points: How one couple, with a commitment to sensible spending, saving and investing, went from nothing to financial independence

They, let us call this couple Dick and Jane, married relatively late in life—one was in his late 30s while she was in her early 40s. They were united by more than love—neither had very much in the way of assets and while both were employed, neither earned, or would ever earn, fabulous salaries. Their…

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It’s the Great Dream that Never Happens for Millions: Sometimes dreams can come true. Here’s how.

The seemingly impossible goal for millions of people looking for a first home is not impossible. That’s even though for most of them the down payment seems daunting. It requires a plan and the discipline to stick to that plan. For millions of Americans and Europeans, especially those who live in big expensive cities, the…

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