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Many Elderly Aren’t in a Rocking Chair: They won’t retire. And, as the birth rates slow down and fewer workers enter Western work forces, that can be a very good thing.

Many older American workers, with considerable skills and understanding of how to get things done, aren’t hitting the golf links, going to retirement parties or playing shuffleboard in retirement communities. They’re too busy working. Indeed, in the United States, the elderly labor participation rate is setting records, according to recent research. “More older Americans—-those 65…

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People Should Be Allowed and Encouraged To Save More: New book explains why saving more is critical for you and your country. A Brooklyn bus driver discouraged in efforts to improve life for his family. The anti-saving mentality goes on and on thanks to a long-gone economist

Ralph Kramden, the bus driver in the never-ending television series “The Honeymooners,” was a working-class guy with a low income living in a Brooklyn apartment house in the mid 1950s. And although he made a small salary, about $3,500 a year, he still managed to save about $75 in a bank account. In an episode…

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Simple, Low Cost, Investing Is Best for Most People: Don’t overthink your long-term investment strategy. Instead, be patient and be frugal

Stop looking for pricey investments and stick to the long-term plain vanilla investment. Once again, we have proof that Wall Street’s high price offerings usually don’t work for the average investor and that simple index investing works best for most people over the long term. The latest example comes from one of the greatest value…

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Should You Put Money Into Alternative Investments?: A Trendy Investment Pick So Far Disappoints Some Investors

What is alternative investing and should you consider using alternative funds or strategies in your portfolio? That is the issue that some are debating as the recent bull market continued. Investors enjoying recent fat stock returns and using conventional diversification strategies, those ignoring alternative investments, could be sorry in the next crash. That is the…

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Taxpayers Pay Attention!: How Healthy Is New York State or Any State? Will Your State or Province Be Able to Pay Its Pension Obligations? How Will It Have to Raise and Raise Taxes Some More? New York’s Fiscal Health is Poor, Report Claims

Albany must spend smarter, keep a closer watch on pension obligations and total debt. That’s what two groups concluded in examining how New York State spends money and runs up debt. They say the state should do better in how it pays for retired workers and infrastructure. That’s because New York State’s fiscal health is…

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Is Renewal Rip-off (RR) Coming for You?: Some card companies enable vendors to keep reaching into your pockets forever. How to stop the rip-off

Someone offers you a publication or some kind of service at a dirt cheap six months or one year introductory rate. You’ve always wanted the publication so you are delighted to obtain it. You give the vendor your credit card number. You have no idea of it at the time, but soon you’ll be receiving…

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