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The Roadmap to Success in 2018

How do people succeed? How is business or individual success achieved? What are the common characteristics? Well, quite often, those who ultimately achieve a lot begin by falling on their faces. Why? In failing you learn valuable lessons. You don’t quit just because you initially fail. You keep going. These are the life lessons offered…

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A Socialist America?: The Bernie Phenomenon

Bernie Sanders, failed democratic presidential candidate in 2016, not only wants a much bigger federal government—-he believes in American socialism. But he argues in a recent book for an America collectivism without saying he is a socialist; a smart but dishonest strategy. That is why he is in the Democratic party and not trying to…

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More Right Than Wrong: The New Tax Package in America

Lower taxes are almost always a very good thing for a nation’s economy and that is what Americans just got in their Christmas stockings. As this entry was finished, Congress gave final approval and President Trump’s signed into law a big tax cut combined with an extensive change in the tax code. I see both…

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A Not So Merry Christmas Coming in Many Households: Maybe it’s time to forget about that overpriced gift for your significant other

It’s going to be a lean Christmas for a lot of Americans. And that’s despite record low unemployment and interest rates, economic indicators that normally provide Americans with the holiday cheer to open their wallets and purses. That’s because several polls are finding Americans are going to think twice about big holiday gifts this season.…

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New Yorkers Love Cheap Smokes: Smuggling butts into New York by the carload

What happens when one state’s taxes are much higher than another? Economic activity moves to the low tax state or, in some cases, the high tax state becomes a smuggler’s paradise. New York City and State now have a dubious distinction: They are the cigarette smuggling capitol of the United States. Indeed, if you’re lighting…

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Millions of Elderly Get Ripped Off: Billions of dollars stolen each year

The elderly tend to have most financial assets in the United States and in many other Western nations. So it should come as no surprise that the scammers often have them in their crosshairs. And this means that, whether you have a house or are moving or just have some financial assets, some sleazy people…

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