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The Lessons that Baseball Can Teach Us

Little things can mean a lot in baseball as well in achieving many of life’s goals, such as financial objectives. We just had an illustration of the former when a major league team, the Los Angeles Dodgers, in the middle of a playoff elimination game played at Dodgers Stadium, forgot to do a little thing.…

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What’s Wrong with Baseball: The Long Season

Who Was Jim Brosnan? About a half century ago an unusually talented man—a major league pitcher who was actually a very good writer—produced several good books about the wear and tear of going through a season in the big leagues, which is a marathon compared to other sports seasons. Jim Brosnan’s “Pennant Race” and “The…

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Yogi, a Remembrance: The Unforgettable Number 8

Besides all his countless sports records and accomplishments, New York Yankee Yogi Berra was a lovable person, loved by millions of people who never even met him. I should know. I’m one of them. I lived close to where he worked. Yogi Berra was a remarkable player, coach, personality, an every man. He succeeded with…

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What’s Wrong with Baseball: The long term contract

A player does well in his first five years and in his first major league years he works on one year contracts. He pitches well and wins a lot of games. Or maybe he is a position player who has done very well in his first years. Then, just, after he files for free agency…

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What’s Wrong with Baseball, Part V: Well Heeled Deadmen Walking

In this player friendly era of free agency in the major leagues, there’s tens of millions of dollars in dead money. What is dead money? And who are the dead players of baseball? It’s the money that teams are paying to many players with long term contracts who are years past their primes. These players…

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What’s Wrong with Baseball, Part IV: Why Can’t the Players Play the Whole Game?

Trailing by a run late in the game. A team is down to a precious few outs and desperately needs to tie. The first batter in an inning gets on. He singles or doubles. Now let’s bunt him over, either into scoring position or to third base so he can score on an out. Baseball…

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