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Are You One of the Many People Destroying Yourself and Throwing Away Some $1,300 a Year?: Is it a lack of MoneySense or a lack of spending discipline or a lack of money education?

In baseball and other competitive sports often the victory goes not to the most talented, but to those who minimize mistakes. Sure, everyone makes mistakes. But the winners often avoid or minimize stupid mistakes; the avoidable ones that leave you angry with yourself. The same is true in personal finance. If you don’t self-destruct, if…

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The Dull Subject That Can Save Your Life

The following is a chapter from our book, MoneySense, which is available from Amazon. “I don‘t know how much I‘m paying for various things. I don‘t know how much interest I‘m paying on my credit cards. I don‘t want to know what I‘m paying for all these things. And Judas Priest! How did I run…

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I Can’t Retire This Year: What Do I Do? The possible answer to insufficient savings, retire a little later.

Someone is a decade or less from retirement. He or she wants to retire at age 62 but lacks sufficient resources. This is a problem many people are facing and they bring the problem to advisors. “I’ve had clients who had the retirement bug and I had to tread very carefully with them. Sometimes clients…

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Welcome to Freelance America: Working for someone else is no longer the goal for millions of Americans

Down with the corporation! A revolution in how Americans work will continue over the next two years. Millions of workers are happily leaving corporations and becoming self-employed, a new report says. “Climbing the corporate ladder is no longer the American dream. Over the last years a significant mindset shift has taken place and with it…

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Boffo Broadway Fills the Houses

In most cases, a Broadway show is a lousy investment. Most will fail. Some even close in rehearsal. Yet, even in the worst of situations, there are some that can excel. Today, they are the Broadway lucky seven. These are shows not only bucking the odds—most Broadway shows are musicals and most fail—they are wildly…

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Twenty Somethings Getting Out from Behind the Eight Ball: How Grads Can Refinance Student Loan Debt

(Editor’s Note: welcomes a guest columnist who offers some effective strategies for one of the biggest problems facing young people: student debt.) By Nate Matherson. Got student loans? It’s nearly impossible to get a college degree these days without taking on student debt. In fact, six out of 10 students have student debt and…

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