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Inherit the Inaccuracy: The relentless assault on historical accuracy in popular media concoctions that go on and on. Be careful of movies and television that are “doing” history.

Look out for the phrase,“Based on a true story” and other fictions. When I was in high school in the late 1960s we were assigned to read “Inherit the Wind,” a highly popular play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee about the Scopes monkey trial. This was a 1925 trial in which a Tennessee…

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Will the Republicans, Supposedly Friends of Small Government, Botch It Again?

The Republicans failed on health care, but now they are offering a new plan for tax and spending cuts, with a promise of smaller government. But the GOP, with few exceptions, seems about as creditable as the Democrats and their flawed, small-business killer, Obamacare. Many of the Democrats are people who subscribe to a socialism…

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Why History Matters on the Trains: Governments want you to forget about their train disasters

History is critically important in why people suffer when they ride the subways in New York or Amtrak almost anywhere. Their daily frustrations trigger questions. Why is Penn Station falling apart along with Amtrak, New York City commuter railroads and the New York City subways? It is owing to the triumph of a subtle kind…

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Is Renewal Rip-off (RR) Coming for You?: Some card companies enable vendors to keep reaching into your pockets forever. How to stop the rip-off

Someone offers you a publication or some kind of service at a dirt cheap six months or one year introductory rate. You’ve always wanted the publication so you are delighted to obtain it. You give the vendor your credit card number. You have no idea of it at the time, but soon you’ll be receiving…

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The Never-Ending Woes of State Enterprise: The historic failures of governments running transportation businesses

Why is Penn Station falling apart along with Amtrak, New York City commuter railroads and the New York City subways? It is because the public utility concept of running enterprises—the idea that certain enterprises shouldn’t be privately owned because all the people who run them care about is profits—is taking over more and more parts…

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Memorial Day—-A Dissenting View, Part 3: Honor the heroes, but also examine the causes of war

The Mexican War, 1846 The United States, which wants to buy California from Mexico, has just incorporated Texas into the United States. Texas is a former province of Mexico that won its independence from Mexico after a short war of rebellion. The successful revolution came in part because an unstable Mexican government revoked the constitution…

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