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Why Don’t I Have Any Retirement Assets? Why Must I Keep Working?: Excuses! Excuses! Are you a manana investor? Why not use tax time as the time to take control of your life and start down the road toward financial independence

It’s amazing the number of reasons people give for not starting on a savings and investing plan that will immeasurably improve their lives, as well as those of their loved ones. For instance, time and time again people tell me they will start saving and investing on a regular basis sometime in the future. But…

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For Some People, Money Will Always Be a Problem: Are you or will you be one of them? How not to be. Are you patient enough to become financially comfortable? Try some lethargy.

I personally know some of these people with money problems. And it is terrible to see their lives of quiet desperation. It is painful because most of their money problems could have been easily avoided. Who? Why? These are people of my generation—I’m a baby boomer who was born in the 1950s—who have saved or…

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Bad History on Broadway and Elsewhere: Hollywood and Broadway don’t “do” history very well. Be careful where you get your history. Avoid movie and play “history (sic)”

Where you get your history does matter. It matters a lot. This was brought home to me about 20 years ago. A copy editor named Jeff was reviewing my story at a trade publication. He routinely told me that “Lyndon Johnson was part of the plot in assassinating President Kennedy.” Really, I asked, how do…

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MoneySense: Common-Sense Approaches on How to Save, Invest and Achieve Long-Term Goals

(Note to Readers of Gregory The philosophy of this blog is the idea of smart money management; of avoiding many of the mistakes that can ruin a person’s life. We have taken this idea and turned it into a mini-book that combines commonsense with simple money management concepts. Liam Judge, my partner and the…

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The Rechtsstaat and the Fate of American Liberty: History catches up to America. The hypocrisy of some of the critics of Donald Trump. This is not a defense of Trump.

The great philosopher of morality Immanuel Kant believed one of the critical elements of freedom under law was the concept of the righteous state, the Rechtsstaat. This is the concept of government under law. Just as we as individuals are subject to law so too, Kant, and other philosophers of liberty, believed that governments should…

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Financial Independence Lost: A seemingly small mistake that will add up to a lot over the years

You live in a big city such as New York City. And, like many of your neighbors, you own a car, although you could probably survive without one. You take your car into work five times a week—most of the time that means the center of the city, Manhattan. And most of the time that…

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