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WHAT I’M READING: Bottleneckers: Gaming the Government for Power and Private Profit

By William Mellor and Dick Carpenter II, (Encounter Books, New York, 355 pages, $27.99) Private monopolies, when firms combine to try to rig markets through cartels, have been a concern of government economic policies since at least the anti-trust legislation of the late 19th century. But these attempts at cartels have failed again and again…

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Mainstream Media Mediocrity: A Profile of NBC Nightly News—-Lying Brian Williams and a Clinton, outrageously overpaid, on the payroll. Part 2

The nonsense of NBC Nightly News—one of the most influential mainstream media institutions—has been going on for years. For instance, several years ago, they had to dump their anchor Brian Williams because he was a liar; he exaggerated, or what he said “misremembered,” his experiences during the Gulf War. Lying Williams and a Clinton on…

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Mainstream Media Mediocrity: A Profile of NBC Nightly News No bureau in Paris? Or Caracas? Or God knows where else? Part I

Tens of millions of Americans exclusively depend on network television news in how they view the world. And, given the superficial, biased nature of much of NBC News, that is too bad. That’s because many of these mainstream media news operations—NBC, ABC, CNN and CBS—aren’t very good. Reporting is often based on rewrites of print…

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What to Do with Twenty Five Thousand Dollars: Some commonsense strategies on how to invest a windfall or make it last

Recently a friend asked me what to do with $25,000. He didn’t tell me if he wanted to invest it for growth or make the money last as long as possible. There are a number of ways to work with an unexpected windfall. Here is one possible scenario. Funds Can Make Sense I would recommend…

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Help! I Need Somebody to Explain the ABCs of Personal Finance: Studies find Americans’ financial understanding is poor. Many could be headed for financial disaster.

Financial illiteracy in America is widespread. And it is not just for millennials or baby boomers or the poor or women or men. The problem goes across the board. Millions of Americans are in danger of falling into the trap of not understanding what they need to do to ensure their financial health and their…

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Why Don’t I Have Any Retirement Assets? Why Must I Keep Working?: Excuses! Excuses! Are you a manana investor? Why not use tax time as the time to take control of your life and start down the road toward financial independence

It’s amazing the number of reasons people give for not starting on a savings and investing plan that will immeasurably improve their lives, as well as those of their loved ones. For instance, time and time again people tell me they will start saving and investing on a regular basis sometime in the future. But…

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