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New Yorkers Love Cheap Smokes: Smuggling butts into New York by the carload

What happens when one state’s taxes are much higher than another? Economic activity moves to the low tax state or, in some cases, the high tax state becomes a smuggler’s paradise. New York City and State now have a dubious distinction: They are the cigarette smuggling capitol of the United States. Indeed, if you’re lighting…

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The Cellphone Disease Comes to the Workplace: Does that young worker have nomophobia? What is that? It is something that can become as addictive as drugs.

Lots of times we hear this in the workplace or in homes today: “Put down the cellphone and get to work! Put down the cellphone and go to bed!” Many bosses and parents are making these complaints. That is because we are now living in a world that will soon be overrun with billions of…

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Millions of Elderly Get Ripped Off: Billions of dollars stolen each year

The elderly tend to have most financial assets in the United States and in many other Western nations. So it should come as no surprise that the scammers often have them in their crosshairs. And this means that, whether you have a house or are moving or just have some financial assets, some sleazy people…

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Many Elderly Aren’t in a Rocking Chair: They won’t retire. And, as the birth rates slow down and fewer workers enter Western work forces, that can be a very good thing.

Many older American workers, with considerable skills and understanding of how to get things done, aren’t hitting the golf links, going to retirement parties or playing shuffleboard in retirement communities. They’re too busy working. Indeed, in the United States, the elderly labor participation rate is setting records, according to recent research. “More older Americans—-those 65…

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People Should Be Allowed and Encouraged To Save More: New book explains why saving more is critical for you and your country. A Brooklyn bus driver discouraged in efforts to improve life for his family. The anti-saving mentality goes on and on thanks to a long-gone economist

Ralph Kramden, the bus driver in the never-ending television series “The Honeymooners,” was a working-class guy with a low income living in a Brooklyn apartment house in the mid 1950s. And although he made a small salary, about $3,500 a year, he still managed to save about $75 in a bank account. In an episode…

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What I’m Reading: What Happened By Hillary Rodham Clinton (Simon & Shuster, New York, 492 pages, $30)

The Sorrows of Poor Hillary: Hillary Clinton Campaign Memoir Trashes Friend and Foe Alike but Rarely Looks in the Mirror for Why She Suffered Possibly the Biggest Electoral Defeat in American History. A Postmortem Clue: Hillary’s Natural Allies Ran Away from Her. Hillary Clinton explains why she lost the presidential election last year. Blame Sexism.…

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