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On Immigration—A Qualified Yes: A hot issue that roils millions of Americans.

I am for immigration in principle but with some qualifications. I would like, if possible, to see more people become U.S. citizens. It is an issue that splits tens of millions of Americans and, I suspect, tens of millions of others in advanced social welfare democracies. First, a few basics about immigrants, America and the…

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“Stocks? We Don’t Need Stocks!”: Avoid one of the biggest mistakes of personal finance

Millions of Americans are making this mistake. And yet it is one of the big reasons why many people will never accumulate substantial assets, never achieve financial independence and possibly ride the wretched E-train 10 times a week for more years than necessary. What Is It? They never commit to a consistent investing program that…

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WHAT I’M READING: Two Masterpieces of Clear Economics: Money manager writes the successor books to Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson.

Title: Economics in Three Lessons; One Hundred Economic Laws By Hunter Lewis (Axios, Edinburg, Virginia, 403 pages). In an age of clouded thinking, in which mainstream media misses the point of flawed economic policies based on the idea that more government controls are good, here is a call for sound economic thinking. This book, it…

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Bypassing Emergency Rooms for More Immediate Care

All across New York City and the United States a new kind of medical care is changing how people go to the doctor. It is the urgent care facility. These walk-in without an appointment medical offices now number in the thousands across the United States. The urgent care facility, its supporters say, is neither a…

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Elegy for a Way of Life: The values of self-improvement under attack as Americans embrace sports betting and governments dream of billions more in their coffers

As the football season opened last week in the United States, state governments were lining up to take advantage of sports betting. Lawmakers quietly touted the virtues of legalized betting—-they claim it will provide a lot more money to spend on their pet projects or believe it will—with little examination of the consequences of governments…

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Money Management Made Simple: Ockham’s Razor Can Still Guide Us Centuries Later

Don’t hem and haw, talking a problem to death. Solve it. Use a simple, clear strategy. Many in doubt over which solution to take to their money woes should take the simplest one. This is a rule that can be followed in money management. It is based on the same principle as recommended by the…

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