Monthly Archives: November 2018

What I’m Reading: The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition

By Jonathan Tepper, with Denise Hearn (Wiley, Hoboken, New Jersey, 286 pages) The U.S. government’s anti-trust efforts have been failing. Less competition and greater inequality are the result of the government not enforcing the rules against cartels, which can then pay us less as workers and charge us more for their products than if we…

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Will You Be a Chump or a Champ This Holiday?

Many credit card users will pay through the nose this holiday season. They’ll spend months, maybe even a year, paying for this holiday cheer. They will impoverish themselves and help make card companies more profitable. Why? doesn’t want you to be one of them. We want you to be a sagacious cardholder who makes…

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