Monthly Archives: December 2017

More Right Than Wrong: The New Tax Package in America

Lower taxes are almost always a very good thing for a nation’s economy and that is what Americans just got in their Christmas stockings. As this entry was finished, Congress gave final approval and President Trump’s signed into law a big tax cut combined with an extensive change in the tax code. I see both…

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A Not So Merry Christmas Coming in Many Households: Maybe it’s time to forget about that overpriced gift for your significant other

It’s going to be a lean Christmas for a lot of Americans. And that’s despite record low unemployment and interest rates, economic indicators that normally provide Americans with the holiday cheer to open their wallets and purses. That’s because several polls are finding Americans are going to think twice about big holiday gifts this season.…

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The Fall of New York’s NewsRadio88: A conspicuous example of how the standards of broadcast journalism continue to collapse; often becoming a joke or irrelevant to a new generation of news consumers.

WCBS NewsRadio88, a pioneer of all-news broadcasting in New York City and a station that is celebrating its 50th anniversary, is a shell of what it once was. Actually, in some ways, NewsRadio88 is a cruel joke on the journalists and listeners who once venerated it as a superb source of news, opinion, intelligent features…

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