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What I’m Reading: What Happened By Hillary Rodham Clinton (Simon & Shuster, New York, 492 pages, $30)

The Sorrows of Poor Hillary: Hillary Clinton Campaign Memoir Trashes Friend and Foe Alike but Rarely Looks in the Mirror for Why She Suffered Possibly the Biggest Electoral Defeat in American History. A Postmortem Clue: Hillary’s Natural Allies Ran Away from Her. Hillary Clinton explains why she lost the presidential election last year. Blame Sexism.…

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Simple, Low Cost, Investing Is Best for Most People: Don’t overthink your long-term investment strategy. Instead, be patient and be frugal

Stop looking for pricey investments and stick to the long-term plain vanilla investment. Once again, we have proof that Wall Street’s high price offerings usually don’t work for the average investor and that simple index investing works best for most people over the long term. The latest example comes from one of the greatest value…

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Should You Put Money Into Alternative Investments?: A Trendy Investment Pick So Far Disappoints Some Investors

What is alternative investing and should you consider using alternative funds or strategies in your portfolio? That is the issue that some are debating as the recent bull market continued. Investors enjoying recent fat stock returns and using conventional diversification strategies, those ignoring alternative investments, could be sorry in the next crash. That is the…

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