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Taxpayers Pay Attention!: How Healthy Is New York State or Any State? Will Your State or Province Be Able to Pay Its Pension Obligations? How Will It Have to Raise and Raise Taxes Some More? New York’s Fiscal Health is Poor, Report Claims

Albany must spend smarter, keep a closer watch on pension obligations and total debt. That’s what two groups concluded in examining how New York State spends money and runs up debt. They say the state should do better in how it pays for retired workers and infrastructure. That’s because New York State’s fiscal health is…

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Inherit the Inaccuracy: The relentless assault on historical accuracy in popular media concoctions that go on and on. Be careful of movies and television that are “doing” history.

Look out for the phrase,“Based on a true story” and other fictions. When I was in high school in the late 1960s we were assigned to read “Inherit the Wind,” a highly popular play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Edwin Lee about the Scopes monkey trial. This was a 1925 trial in which a Tennessee…

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Will the Republicans, Supposedly Friends of Small Government, Botch It Again?

The Republicans failed on health care, but now they are offering a new plan for tax and spending cuts, with a promise of smaller government. But the GOP, with few exceptions, seems about as creditable as the Democrats and their flawed, small-business killer, Obamacare. Many of the Democrats are people who subscribe to a socialism…

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