Monthly Archives: December 2016

Don’t Take a Holiday from Money Sense: Commonsense money practices don’t stop when you head for the airport

All year long you follow commonsense money practices. You avoid outrageous charges. You hunt for the best buys. You expect retailers to please you or you take your business elsewhere. Then, you go on holiday, and sometimes throw away money. What happens to otherwise money smart people when they go on vacation? I think many…

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MoneySense: Common-Sense Approaches on How to Save, Invest and Achieve Long-Term Goals

Note to Readers of Gregory The philosophy of this blog is the idea of smart money management; of avoiding many of the mistakes that can ruin a person’s life. We have taken this idea and turned it into a mini-book that combines commonsense with simple money management concepts. Liam Judge, my partner and the…

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