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Cardholders Living on Borrowed Time: Are you ready to pay more?

You’ve been gambling on continued dirt cheap interest rates for years and you have been able to survive. You’ve become used to not having to pay high interest rates. You’ve been taking a big gamble. Now is the time to stop gambling. That’s because all good things come to an end, even relatively low interest…

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The Road to Financial Independence: Production First, Consumption Later

The right order is critical in achieving financial independence Often success in a task comes not only from doing something, but doing it in the right order. Doing things in the proper sequence is critical to financial independence. And the latter represents the best thing money can buy—freedom from money worries. That’s something that tens…

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I Want Both of Them to Lose!: “You Must Vote for a Democrat or Republican.” Asks Why and Offers a Plea for Electoral Reform

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic party presidential nominee has some of the highest negative ratings since polling began. That is except for Donald Trump, the Republican party presidential party nominee. His negative numbers are even higher. A No Vote of Confidence Tens of millions of Americans dislike one or both of these candidates. I hold my…

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