Monthly Archives: March 2016

Giving to the Government with Both Hands: Why not take home more of your money each pay period?

No one, the eminent Judge Learned Hand wrote, has to pay one cent more in taxes than obligated. However, millions of Americans have been doing that for years. That’s even though Uncle Whiskers and his merry band of persistent publicans always seem to be looking for Americans to pay more and more for a large…

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Charge! : Are millions of Americans charging into financial disaster? Credit card levels approach recession numbers

“They learned nothing and they forgot nothing.” (What was often said of the Bourbon kings, some of the worst monarchs in European history). Millions of Americans are acting like Bourbon kings. They may have remembered the financial crisis of 2008—and the huge number of consumer defaults that followed it in the next year—but they apparently…

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Nelson Rockefeller’s Ghost Haunts Albany

When is a government’s debt not actually the government’s and the taxpayer’s debt? That is the issue here in New York State, which has some of the highest debt levels in the United States. It is also an issue in so many other places in the democratic world. In modern democracies it is often easy…

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