Monthly Archives: February 2016

One Party Government Runs Amuck in the Rancid Apple

My local city council member, obeying her party, joins the majority in showing her contempt for the average New York City taxpayer. Why do so few people vote? Why are some many people so cynical about career politicians and their often-self-serving ways? Indeed, why did a recent public opinion poll show the vast majority of…

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“What Do I Do? How Do I Start?” An open letter to millions of 20 somethings and those somewhat older who want to start investing

Sunday shopping at the local Trader Joe’s early in the morning—trying to beat the oncoming rush of humanity preparing for Superbowl parties—I heard it again as I have from so many young people. “I have some money. But how do I get started?” It was a young clerk in her 20s, with years of investing…

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The worker from hell who can make your life miserable

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boss, a worker or an owner, these people can ruin your workplace, life or company. They come into your business and some people immediately start planning to leave because of them. They can destroy your company as well as morale. Who are they? They are toxic workers and there…

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