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Governments Should Stop Funding Corporations: Some advocate the government using tax dollars to help the broadcast industry

Job creation should occur in a free society naturally, without it happening because one sector is favored by the government over another. Anything else, I believe, constitutes government planning, a superfluous, and usually expensive, intrusion into the economy. And, in the ashes of modern socialist societies—as well as some capitalist societies that adopted some socialist…

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Short Takes with Gregory Bresiger – Greece, Government Enterprise and Crybaby Ballplayers

The Next Greece? The events in Greece are one of the great tragedies of our time. Those of us in other Western countries with advanced welfare states shouldn’t think that “it can’t happen here.” It can. Here is the problem: Pols, at the urging of many of their constituents, keep expanding the length and breadth…

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Ten Steps on the Road to Financial Independence: How Do I Get Started?

You’re young or maybe you’re middle aged or maybe you’re not so young. But whatever your age you are haunted by a persistent question: When and how do I get started getting control of my financial life and how do I find good investments? Here is a series of financial tips. None of them is…

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