Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Modern, Expanded Welfare State’s Math Woes, Part I

Americans and Western European taxpayers beware. You’re behind on your bills. If your government continues its reckless spending, you and your children and your children’s children will be on the hook. They will have to pay more in taxes and get less from your cradle to grave welfare state. The welfare state’s free and easy…

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“No Need to Think—We’ll Spend Your Money for You!”

Many people want to hijack more and more of your money, especially when they’re sure that you haven’t a clue! Often it is the government, with its endless spending, futile welfare programs, poorly run transit services and ill-moral, often useless, wars that we pay for in countless ways for generations and generations. And, even in…

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Taxing Away Our Jobs: Policies that are killing growth and self-improvement

The point of taxation should be to raise enough money for the basic functions of government, but not a cent more. That’s because the economy is the golden goose that lays eggs for all of us. We should not want to overwork the golden goose. Otherwise the goose might get sick and not be able…

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