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What’s Wrong with Baseball, Part III: Why can’t we go home again on Sundays?

I grew up in the late 1950s and early 1960s on a hill in the Southwest Bronx neighborhood of Highbridge, which overlooked a magical place called Yankee Stadium. To a skinny little boy of four, it seemed gargantuan. It was. When it opened in 1923, an impressed Babe Ruth, surveying this magnificent new baseball palace,…

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What’s Wrong with Baseball, Part II: Can’t anyone here play the whole game?

Runner on third, one man out. The infield is playing back. It is conceding the run. In effect, the team on the field is saying to the team at bat: “You can have the run if you hit a ground ball to the infield or a fly ball to the outfield. We’ll give you the…

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